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Flashpoint's Final Season

By: Noelle Beauregard

CTV’s hit drama “Flashpoint” has brought action-packed excitement into millions of Canadian homes and the homes of a fan following that now spans worldwide.  “I think that ‘Flashpoint’ really sort of breathes this fantastic fan base especially here, being in Canada and in Toronto,” says Amy Jo Johnson.  “I believe Toronto looked quite sexy,” notes David Paetkau when they sat down with Marilyn to discuss their fifth and final season of playing Julianna ‘Jules’ Callaghan and Sam Braddock.

“Flashpoint” takes us inside the daily lives of a SRU (Strategic Response Unit), an elite tactical entity that handles situations regular police officers aren’t trained to handle like hostages, bomb threats and criminals that are heavily armed.  In the series, Johnson and Paetkau’s characters are in a relationship, and like  their characters, their relationship has grown with each passing season.

Johnson’s character, Jules, is a negotiator, “She was pretty green in the beginning,” describes Johnson, “and then throughout all the seasons she gained a lot of confidence.” 

Paetkau describes his character, the sniper, as “brash” at first, but with each passing season his character grows and learns more about human nature and his profession, realizing that “policing is not black and white, there is a grey area.”

 “The writers wrote big. They wrote huge. They blew the budget on this season,” says Peatkau when asked about the final season. He also reveals that “the first episode of season five is huge,” describing it as “shocking” asserting that “It’s what happens at the end no one sees coming, and it really echoes through the whole season.”

When asked how they felt about the series coming to an end Johnson answers that she is “more excited about the intensity” stressing that “the last two episode of the finale are so huge and as an actor it made me excited. There is so much to sink your teeth in this season.” 

Although the series is coming to an end, both Johnson and Peatkau fell in love with Toronto and have decided to move to here. They are happy to call it home. 

Currently, Johnson is testing her directing skills in a short film entitled "Bent", and Peatkau will be making his first appearance on the big screen in the feature film "Man of Steel".

Although it will be a somber day when that last episode of "Flashpoint" airs, its popularity will live on for many more years to come.

Don’t miss the fifth and final season of "Flashpoint" Thursdays on CTV.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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