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The Volturi Stop By

By: Violetta Holl, Marilyn.ca
Actors Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley star in the hugely popular Twilight Series “Breaking Dawn Part II.” The action packed film was number one in the box office opening weekend across North America and has a cult-like following.  
The boys play Volturi guards in the flick, meaning they are guards for unofficial Vampire kings who are there to uphold the rules. To prepare for the role, the pair was involved in extensive stunt work training. “It’s very much a dance,” explains Cudmore. 
 The two certainly got the Vampire role down as passionate fans have even asked to bite them. “It’s a little weird because were never really biting anyone in the movies,” says Cudmore. Some have gone as far as getting tattoos. For example, a girl tattooed Bewley’s face on her thigh.  Overall the actors are happy with the reaction. “It is great because they are the ones that created this phenomenon.” adds Cudmore. 
This time around the ending differs from the book, but the reaction to it has been really good according to the actors. When it premiered to a crowd of over 7000, there was a unanimous reaction from the audience. 
“These fans are literally all panicking. They don’t know what’s going on, it’s completely out of their control. They are crying and whatnot ” says Bewley.
Despite the series’ reputation Cudmore could not anticipate their success, “You’re never going to sit there and ‘go oh yeah this is going to be the most amazingly humongous film ever.’ You just kind of work on that project in that small little area and you go from there.”
As for Bewley, “I know what it’s like to be with something incredibly huge because I spend half my time with Daniel,” he jokes when referring to his co-start’s height.  “Maybe in five years I’ll be able to look back and realize the enormity of what this whole thing was. “ 
So, what’s next for the boys?
Daniel Cudmore will be starring a movie alongside Billy Bob Thornton called “The Baytown Outlaws.” While Bewley goes from his role as a Vampire to Viking, to Veterinarian.  

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