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Kunal Nayyar is a Real-life Ladies Man

By: Christina Yonzon, Marilyn.ca

The very charming Kunal Nayyar of CTV’s ‘The Big Bang Theory’ appeared on ‘The Marilyn Denis Show’ today to discuss the success of the sitcom. The show just wrapped up its fifth season earlier this month and now the cast is preparing for the sixth season.

“It’s about the writing,” Nayyar explains. “What the writers have done very well is that they haven’t tried to water down the show, the language or anything.”

Nayyar plays Rajesh Koothrappali, a particle astrophysicist originally from India. His character, also known as ‘Raj,’ suffers from selective mutism and is unable to speak to women without alcohol in his system. He describes ‘The Big Bang Theory’ as a television show that showcases the underdog, which not only contributes to its success but also makes the show so relatable.

“Even the bully or the jock has felt insecure (and) has felt like the underdog,” says Nayyar.

His character Raj may be extremely intimidated by women, but Nayyar happens to have much more confidence in real life. He managed to nab the gorgeous 2006 Miss India, Neha Kapur and recently married her in December 2011 after three years of long distance dating. The couple now lives in Los Angeles.

“It’s been really wonderful,” Nayyar tells Marilyn. “Marriage, sometimes, can get a really bad rep, but I feel really blessed.”

Approximately 1000 guests were invited to their six-day traditional Indian wedding. Although Nayyar experienced a bit of confusion during some customs in the ceremony, he was glad everyone involved had a great time.

Nayyar, eager to explore new territory in the entertainment industry, had also written a screenplay not too long ago.

“You have to sort of cover all your bases,” he says. “It was a good experience and I’m going to continue to write.”

‘The Big Bang Theory’ returns with its sixth season this fall on CTV.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Marilyn Denis Show

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