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Adam Lambert’s Gift to His Fans

By: Violetta Holl, Marilyn.ca 
Glam superstar and former runner-up of CTV’s “American Idol,” Adam Lambert, sat down with Marilyn Denis to discuss his new number one album.  After a year and a half of working on “Trespassing” he can finally say, “I feel good. I feel accomplished. I feel like my fans got what they deserve.” 
Even his family members are proud. “I think my father was like, ‘Thank god I don’t have to worry about your financial situation anymore,’” Lambert jokes. 
Many artists find it hard to match the success of their first album. For Lambert, a second album meant being the executive producer, writing most of the songs, and collaborating with musicians such as Pharrell Williams and Bruno Mars. ”I obsessed like crazy over it.” But all this work was really for the fans, “I worked really hard for them,” he says. 
The album almost has two sides to it. “The first half is living your life like you want to be. Being who you want to be. Being proud of yourself, being different, marching forward, not letting anyone stand in your way.” The second part is what lies beneath that confidence. “We all have faults, and what I wanted the album to reveal is behind all that peacocking, swag and pride, I’m just like everybody else. “ 
He admits he has a laundry list of insecurities and that he has had to deal with overcoming obstacles and challenges. Not only is his album number one, but he is also the first openly gay artist to debut at number one. “It’s a cool milestone. I think what it proves is that music doesn’t have an orientation.” 
He wants people to view this as an example of moving past the stereotyping.  “I was really lucky to get on Idol and to have such a beautiful experience on the show, and after the show it’s a whole other set of challenges. Making it onto the real music industry out of a competition show is a big jump.” He reveals that he still keeps in touch with some of the Idol cast. To him American Idol is almost like high school where everyone goes on their own path, “I want to do a big reunion one of these days with them.” 
Through the seasons of “American Idol” many of the runners-up have become bigger stars then the winners. When asked about this Lambert responds, “Kelly won. Carrie won.  They are the two most successful ones. I think at the end of the day, it’s a case-by-case thing. “ For him success is based on what the competitors do with their newfound fame after the show. 
He certainly seems to be handling his success well. This summer he will perform with Queen across Europe. 

About Violetta Holl (marilyn.ca)

Violetta Holl is The Marilyn Denis Show’s Web Journalist.
Whether it’s through her articles, photography or web exclusive videos she gets you caught up on what’s happening behind-the-scenes. Violetta has written for online publications for over five years, specializing in lifestyle and entertainment. She holds a BA in Professional Writing and Communication Studies, as well as, a College Diploma in Journalism Broadcasting.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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Thu 23 Desiree Neilson makes butternut squash lasagna
Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce