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Cobie Smulders is All Business in ‘The Avengers’

By: Christina Yonzon, Marilyn.ca

Vancouver-born actress Cobie Smulders takes on the role of Agent Maria Hill in the upcoming summer blockbuster, ‘The Avengers.’

The film centers on the Marvel Comics superhero team, The Avengers, working together to defeat an enemy threatening to destroy Earth. The group is organized and led by the espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D., in which Smulders’ Maria Hill assumes a commanding post under director Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson. When asked about working with Jackson, she admitted the actor made her a little nervous.

“I think he’s been in every movie ever made, so yes, I was (nervous),” she tells Marilyn. “When I think of Sam, I think of ‘Pulp Fiction’ and that was such a big movie for me, so it was quite intimidating.”

Disney has signed Smulders on as Agent Maria Hill for future Marvel movies. She jokes that she may be required to play Maria Hill at the age of 70, but it “won’t be as sexy.”

Smulders is also keeping busy on the set of the hit comedy ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

“I love it. It’s very fun to play a Canadian,” she says about her character, Robyn Scherbatsky.

According to Smulders, the upcoming season will likely be the last of the 7-year old series. She describes the workplace as fun and very accommodating of her film roles and motherhood.

Smulders has been in Toronto promoting the movie with co-star Mark Ruffalo, who plays The Hulk (also known as Bruce Banner). ‘The Avengers’ hits theatres on May 4.

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