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TARC: The Eighth Elimination

Leading up to the finale the most recent eliminees share their predictions for the final three teams

John Edward Co-Hosts

Psychic medium John Edward, co-hosts the show and kicks it all off by discussing his unique talent

Psychic Readings

John Edward shares the images and signs he receives from the other side with the audience

Conversing with the Other Side

John Edward reads the audience and shares messages from deceased loved ones

TARC: The Seventh Elimination

Eliminees Alain and Audrey take the hot seat to dish on their adventure

What’s their “Motive”?

Three of the show’s stars stop by to talk about what to expect from the new season

Sarah McLachlan Shines

Canadian singer-songwriter discusses the inspiration behind her new album, “Shine On”

Catching Up with Jann Arden

Canadian singer/song writer, Jann Arden talks about her new album “Everything Almost”

Talk Back Tuesday with Jann

Co-host Jann Arden answers your questions on Twitter and Facebook

“The Knick”

Actor Eric Johnson discusses the dark side of medicine and his role on the new medical drama

Game on with Jane Lynch

“Hollywood Game Night” host, Jane Lynch, sits down to share what she’s been up to recently and hosts the game “What’s the Stynch, Jane Lynch?”

Marilyn’s Game Night

Jane Lynch hosts a fun twist on her game show with several surprise guests

TARC: The Third Elimination

Back home in Canada, the third pair eliminated discuses their journey of ups and downs

Kim Cattrall’s Sensitive Side

Actress, Kim Cattrall chats about her new Canadian drama series, ‘Sensitive Skin.’

TARC: The Second Elimination

The latest eliminees touch down to talk about their adventure on the show

Web Exclusive Videos

Behind the Scenes: Colbie Caillat

Behind the Scenes: Colbie Caillat

Songstress, Colbie Caillat reveals what she thinks makes the perfect Valentine’s Day

Behind the Scenes: Dierks Bentley

Behind the Scenes: Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley shares his best and worst Valentine's Day experiences to date

Jully Black Gets Ready to Perform

Jully Black Gets Ready to Perform

Find out how Jully Black prepares for a performance and meet her band!