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From the etiquette for serving breakfast in bed to proper garment care, butler Charles MacPherson shares tips and tricks of his trade. With over 20 years of professional experience, Charles the Butler is recognized as an international authority in the fields of Household Management and will show you exactly how to turn your home into something special.

Do you have etiquette questions for Charles the Butler? Ask away! Send your questions to thebutler@marilyn.ca!

Canning your Produce

Charles the Butler discusses the tricks to mastering his latest obsession

Travel Etiquette

Resident butler, Charles MacPherson, answers various etiquette questions based on one viewer’s upcoming trip

Solving Laundry Dilemmas

Charles the Butler answers viewers’ dirty laundry questions

Table Etiquette Around the World

Charles the Butler discusses international table manners for any global vacation

Summer Etiquette

Charles the Butler solves your summer etiquette dilemmas

How to Eat Messy Foods on a Date

Charles the Butler demos how to eat tricky foods gracefully

Summer Stain Cleaning Tips

Charles the Butler answers viewers’ questions about how to clean up summer stains, stuck-on beach stand and more!

Butler Series: Outdoor Etiquette

Charles the Butler explains how to combat tricky situations you may face during the outdoor season

Butler Series: Bathroom Poetry

Charles the Butler responds to viewers’ e-mails and photos about their own bathroom poems and sayings

Re-Learn your Manners

Charles the Butler shares etiquette-relation tips, including different hand shakes

Bathroom Etiquette

Charles the Butler sets the record straight on all matters loo-related

New Uses for White Bread

Charles the Butler reveals some out-of-the box uses for regular old bread

Winter Wear Storage

Charles the Butler shows us how to properly care and store winter gear until next year

Restaurant Etiquette

Alvin Leung from CTV’s ‘MasterChef Canada’ divulges the kitchen’s perspective depending on your requests, from sending food back to substitutions and more

The Order of Cleaning

Charles the Butler breaks down his ideal cleaning routine in order from first to last