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How To Deal With Every Type Of Annoying Dinner Party Guest

Charles The Butler has tips for dealing with unruly guests at a dinner party: from picky eaters, to the phone obsessed, and everything in between!

The Early Guest: If a guest arrives too early for the party get them to help you out with set up. You can't be trying to entertain a guest just because they've arrived early! By helping you they have something to do, and your work will be done faster.

The Cell Phone Obsessed: If someone just won’t get off the phone, point it out to them! They may not notice that what they're doing is rude, and pointing it out may remind them that they're there as a guest. Asking something like: “Is your work very busy, you seem to be getting messages all night,” is a subtle way to point out their obsession.

The Picky Eater: If your guests have not given you any dietary restrictions in advance there is nothing you can do, and they should not receive special treatment. You as the host, should not leave your party to get something else as you have other guests.  You should not make anything that you were not already serving, they can accept what you've made or not eat at all.

The Bar Lover: Haveing a free bar can be enticing to some guests. If you have someone who does't seem to leave the bar area make sure you don’t point out this infraction in front of everyone, as it could be embarrassing. Pull your guest aside and talk to them about the amount that they’ve been drinking, and invite them to do something else, like join a conversation. By distracting them, and reminding them of what they are doing, they know that it's time to move on. 

The One Who Stays Late: If your party is wrapping up you need to make that clear to all the guests. If someone doesn’t get the hint tell them it’s over in a gentle way. Saying you are tired and need to go to bed is a clear indication that it’s time for them to go home as well. Don't be afraid to politely ask. 

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Monday August 1, 2016

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Mon 23 Cheesy comfort food & decadent chocolate dessert with Vanessa Gianfrancesco