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From the etiquette for serving breakfast in bed to proper garment care, butler Charles MacPherson shares tips and tricks of his trade. With over 20 years of professional experience, Charles the Butler is recognized as an international authority in the fields of Household Management and will show you exactly how to turn your home into something special.

Do you have etiquette questions for Charles the Butler? Ask away! Send your questions to thebutler@marilyn.ca!

Stress Free Travelling

Charles the Butler discusses how to navigate the airport for quick and efficient travel

Restaurant Etiquette

Charles the Butler helps us navigate sticky situations while dining out

How to Eat Seafood

Charles the Butler shares tips for enjoying your favourite delicacies from the ocean

Job Interview Etiquette

Charles the Butler shares crucial tips for acing your next interview

Remedies for Everyday Emergencies

Charles the Butler shows us how to clean up spills, smells and a variety of other accidents

Etiquette for Brits

Charles the Butler explains the decorum differences between Britain and North America

Thanksgiving Home Prep

Charles the Butler breaks down a clean up and organization schedule for the days leading up to the festivities

The Butler’s Pet Peeves

Charles the Butler shares some of the most heinous offences he’s witnessed

Test your Etiquette Skills

Charles the Butler tests the etiquette knowledge of two viewers

Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Places

Charles the Butler, reveals the secret to cleaning all those out of the way nooks and crannies

The He Said, She Said Debate

Charles the Butler, answers viewers tricky etiquette questions concerning other people

Surprising Expiration Dates

Charles the Butler reveals the expiration dates on the items that fill your fridge and pantry

Quick and Clean

Charles the Butler proves that cleaning doesn’t need to be complicated with his tips

Etiquette FAQ

Charles the Butler has the answer to all your etiquette queries

Quick Cleaning Projects

Charles the Butler shows us some simple cleaning tasks that you can do in less than five, ten and twenty minutes