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Quick Expert Opinions

Our experts, Alexis Honce, Karen Malcolm-Pye and Ted Gibson, answer viewer questions on everything from hair to heels and everything in between.

Question 1:
Jennifer asks what she can pair with her burgundy pencil skirt other than beige and grey.

Alexis: Khaki is a great match to burgundy because it’s rich. You want to pair like colours, in this case rich with rich colours will look the best. Leopard is the coolest match to burgundy, and ideal for the fall season.

Question 2:
Abigail has always wanted short hair, as opposed to her long style. Unfortunately, stylists tell her that with curly hair it’s not possible. She wants to know how to make short work.

Ted: Keratin treatments have come a long way and certainly help you achieve hair that would work well in a bob. It provides sleekness and cuts frizz from hair. Bobs are best suited to smooth hair, so give the treatment a try.

Question 3:
What make-up looks pair best with bold glasses?

Karen: Bold glasses are the perfect excuse for a bright lip. A coloured lip will balance perfectly with funky frames. Add false lashes to really make eyes pop, and line the inner rim with a skintone coloured pencil. Skip white, though, it’s too harsh and obvious.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Coming Up

Fri 26 Beauty products that work quickly to get you ready faster