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Get Silk, Smooth Legs!

Get your legs silky smooth this summer with these hair removal products and tips.



  • Exfoliate skin with scrub


  • Burt’s Bees Honey and Shea Sugar Scrub, $14.99

How to:

  • Shave with long sweeping motion
  • Rinse razor with every stroke
  • For a closer shave, shave upward against the growth of hair
  • To avoid ingrown hairs, shave downwards following the growth of hair


  • EOS Moisturizing Shave Cream, $3.99
  • Gillette Venus and Olay Razor, $11.99
  • Schick Xtreme3 Eco Disposable Razor, $7.99

After care:

  • Use a moisturizer that’s alcohol-free to minimize sting

Depilatory Creams

How to: 

  • Apply it in a thick layer for best results


  • Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Hair Removal Cream, $15.99



  • Prep area with some powder to protect skin

How to:

  • Make skin taut after applying wax
  • Pull wax against way hair is growing


  • Cold Wax: Veet EasyGrip Cold Wax Strips, $16.99
  • Hard Wax: Andrea Professionals Brazilian Hard Wax, $12.99
  • Soft Wax: Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-on Kit, $29.99

After Care

  • Prevent ingrown hairs with exfoliating serum


  • Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum, $30 (available exclusively in Canada at waxon.ca)

Friday, May 18, 2012