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Tweezerman Point Tweezer / $28

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer / $16

Tweezerman Wide Grip Slant Tweezer / $30
Sharp tweezer that offers a broader hold to grab even the smallest, finest strands, providing more control.

Tweezermate 10x Light Magnifying Mirror / $18
Magnifies brows up to 10x for easy viewing while tweezing. Light shines on those hard to see areas for even more precision. Handy suctions at the back allow it to stick on the wall so both hands can be free to tweeze.

Tweezerman Retractable Brow Shaping Brush / $22

Anastasia Classic Stencils / $26
Petite, Slim High, Medium, High and Full Arch Stencils allow you to achieve and maintain a true Anastasia shape at home. Shape brows using Anastasia's Precision Tweezers and fill in brows with the Mini Duo Brush #7 and Brow Powder Duo, all while using the Stencils as a foolproof guide.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Caroline Rhea