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Chantel's hair by Sun at Concepts Day Spa + Salon

Jump into spring with these hot nail trends!


CND Electric Orange, $11.30
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Brisk Blue $5.95
Essie Ole Caliente, $9.99
O.P.I Did It On ‘Em, $10.95
Revlon Fuchsia Fever, $8.95


Bourjois Paris 10 Day No Chip, $8.99
Sally Hansen Air, $7.95
Sally Hansen, Sorbet, $7.95
Essie Navigate Her, $9.99
O.P.I You Callin’ Me A Lyer?, $10.95


Revlon Bare Bones, $8.95
O.P.I Barre My Soul, $10.95
CND Putty, $11.30
CND Cream Washed, $11.30

Underneath colour

Apply regular polish on top on nail.
Apply different colour on underside of nail
Add sparkles to top of nail for desired effect

After applying regular polish, add top coat to just the tips, then dip your nails into a bowl of sparkles.
Apply a top coat overtop
Great for a more intense look

Dot it!
Apply base coat to nail
Add dot to nail bed

Press-on Nails
Broadway Nails ImPRESS, 7.99 and $9.99, available at drugstores.

Friday, April 13, 2012