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Hair Tips for Every Shade of Grey

Hair expert Cindy Duplantis shares how to wear different stages of grey hair

Top Skin Woes and How to Treat Them

Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett is here to talk about the most common complaints and the latest treatments

'Low Maintenance' Makeover

Hairstylist Aaron O’Bryan and makeup artist Shaby meet three ladies looking to step up their hair and makeup style

'Low Maintenance' Makeover Reveal

Hairstylist Aaron O’Bryan and makeup artist Shaby reveal low maintenance styles on three ladies

Beauty Combo Hacks You Need to Try

Beauty expert Jill Dunn shows us tag-team beauty products that will save you money

Makeup Makeovers

Makeup artist Karen Malcolm-Pye gives three ladies the perfect look

Hair Repair 101

Hair expert, Aaron O’Bryan, shows us some easy and inexpensive hair remedies for fine, frizzy, and damaged hair

New Year New Hair

Hair expert Cindy Duplantis reveals three hair makeovers for the New Year

Splurge and Steal Makeover

Natalie Sexton shows four viewers how they can splurge on something and save on everything else

Day Or Night Beauty Products

Beauty Expert Chantel Guertin talks about when to use certain beauty products

Smart Beauty

Beauty expert Jill Dunn shares the latest products to make your routine smarter

Refresh Your Beauty Supplies

Melissa Maker shows you how to clean and extend the life of your beauty supplies



Marilyn, make me over!

Are you in desperate need of a complete fashion, beauty & hair makeover? Send your location, story, and recent photos to makeover@marilyn.ca

Hair How-to's

Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hacks

Beauty expert, Chantel Guertin, reveals the tricks and products that help you trim your routine

Holiday Hair Survival Guide

Holiday Hair Survival Guide

Celebrity stylist, Gretta Monahan, shows us how to get a full weekend of looks out of one blowout

Repairing Over-processed Tresses

Repairing Over-processed Tresses

Hairstylist, Loriebelle, shares three products for turning back the clock on damaged hair, no matter the cause

Three Hairstyles, One Tool

Three Hairstyles, One Tool

Beauty expert, Jill Dunn, demonstrates how to get hot holiday hair using only a blow dryer

Beauty Experts

Chantel Guertin

Chantel Guertin

Beauty Expert

Jill Dunn

Jill Dunn

Beauty Expert