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Beauty Hacks That Can Rescue Your Broken or Damaged Makeup

Shaby is back with her best makeup-saving tricks so you don't throw out another smashed compact

The Must-Have Makeup That Beauty Editors Are Buzzing About

From dark and moody lips, to bold glitter, this season is all about statement makeup

New Technology May Make Invasive Face Lifts A Thing Of The Past

Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellet has innovative new tools that let you put your best face forward, without the pain or downtime of a typical cosmetic procedure

Charcoal Just Might Be The Secret To Flawless Skin

Chantel Guertin gets down to the nitty gritty of what makes this messy ingredient the hottest beauty item of the year

The Hottest Beauty Products For Fall

Jill Dunn shares her top beauty finds in our flash sale with exclusive discounts for Marilyn viewers!

Eden Bluestein Shares Makeup Artist Secrets

Makeup artist Eden Bluestein lets Marilyn in on must-have products she can’t go without

Simple Tips for Beautiful Hair in No Time

Hairstylist Aaron O’Bryan shares expert secrets for great hair and tips that will to make styling much easier

Find Out How To Up Your Hair Game To Match Your Personality

Hair expert, Kyan Douglas, helps three of our viewers take their hair from bland to grand

How To Choose Beauty Products That Do Double Duty

We've got the latest on multi-tasking beauty product innovations.

How To Break Your Bad Beauty Habits Once And For All

Beauty expert Jill Dunn shares must-have beauty products to help heal bad beauty habits

Hack It or Sack It: Testing The Most Hyped Beauty Hacks

Karen Malcolm Pye is helping us find out whether some of the Internet's famed beauty hacks stand up to their claims

Master The Art Of Contouring

Learn all about contouring with Makeup artist Eden Bluestein as she reveals expert tips to achieving a photo ready look



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Hair How-to's

Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hacks

Beauty expert, Chantel Guertin, reveals the tricks and products that help you trim your routine

Holiday Hair Survival Guide

Holiday Hair Survival Guide

Celebrity stylist, Gretta Monahan, shows us how to get a full weekend of looks out of one blowout

Repairing Over-processed Tresses

Repairing Over-processed Tresses

Hairstylist, Loriebelle, shares three products for turning back the clock on damaged hair, no matter the cause

Three Hairstyles, One Tool

Three Hairstyles, One Tool

Beauty expert, Jill Dunn, demonstrates how to get hot holiday hair using only a blow dryer

Beauty Experts

Chantel Guertin

Chantel Guertin

Beauty Expert

Jill Dunn

Jill Dunn

Beauty Expert