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Are You Applying Your Beauty Products In The Right Order?

Chantel Guertin is here to set the record straight on which order you should be applying your facial products.

Pucker Up! Refresh Your Beauty Routine With Lemons

Jill Dunn tells Marilyn about amazing beauty hacks using lemons!

How To Choose Beauty Products That Do Double Duty

We've got the latest on multi-tasking beauty product innovations.

Great Ways to Get Great Skin

Non-invasive beauty procedures with Lisa Kellett to get great skin.

Everything You Need To Get You Skin Ready For Summer

Beauty expert Jill Dunn shares her best tips and essential products to get ready for summer

The Anti-Aging Routine You Need for Every Decade

Beauty expert Jill Dunn shares the anti-aging routines you need in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond

Hair Loss and How to Get It Back

Losing your hair can be a traumatic experience – hairstylist Cindy Duplantis helps two ladies recover the hair of their dreams

Brush Minutes Off Your Morning Beauty Routine!

Makeup artist Shaby shares tips to help two women streamline their daily beauty routine

Hair Makeover: Short Haircuts on Trend this Season

Hair expert Cindy Duplantis chats about the latest short hair trend and gives three women the short haircut of their dreams

The Hottest Lipstick Colours for Spring

Makeup artist Eden Bluestein shares the hottest lip trends for spring and the best products to re-create them

Beauty Boost in 10-Minutes

Beauty expert Chantel Guertin reveals the top products for a beauty boost in just 10 minutes

Three Universally Flattering Makeup Looks

Makeup artist Eden Bluestein shares must-have products and expert tips on achieving universally flattering makeup everyone can wear



Marilyn, make me over!

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Hair How-to's

Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hacks

Beauty expert, Chantel Guertin, reveals the tricks and products that help you trim your routine

Holiday Hair Survival Guide

Holiday Hair Survival Guide

Celebrity stylist, Gretta Monahan, shows us how to get a full weekend of looks out of one blowout

Repairing Over-processed Tresses

Repairing Over-processed Tresses

Hairstylist, Loriebelle, shares three products for turning back the clock on damaged hair, no matter the cause

Three Hairstyles, One Tool

Three Hairstyles, One Tool

Beauty expert, Jill Dunn, demonstrates how to get hot holiday hair using only a blow dryer

Beauty Experts

Chantel Guertin

Chantel Guertin

Beauty Expert

Jill Dunn

Jill Dunn

Beauty Expert