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Be On The Show

Do you have the best all-Canadian recipe?

If you have the best butter tart, most luxurious lobster or magnificent maple syrup recipe, we want to hear from you! Send us your recipe, photo, video and your recipe could be featured on our show!

Planning a reno?

Are you looking to transform a room but don’t know where to save and where to splurge?

Ramsin to the Rescue!

Did you attempt to take on a renovation project yourself only to discover that your D-I-Y skills aren’t exactly up to par? If you’ve started a reno by yourself, but don’t know how to finish?

Do you have a unique home?

An unusual space? A home nobody else has? Do you want to share your space with Canada?

Marilyn, make me over!

This is your chance to get the complete fashion, beauty & hair makeover of your dreams!

Have a question for Marilyn?

Here is your chance to ask! Post your question here and Marilyn may answer your question LIVE on the show!

Calling all students!

Have you gained the “Freshman 15”? Put on a few extra pounds between classes, work and exams and want to lose it over the summer break?

Does Your Family Need a Meal Makeover?

Tired of making the same fatty comfort food for dinner? Want to know how to make your meals leaner, but still delicious?

Is your diet making you tired or fat? Or both?

If what you eat is wreaking havoc on your lifestyle, and you want a change, we want to hear from you.

Do you have a diet dilemma?

From what to order at restaurants, to the “diet don’ts” you think you’re making, and wondering if you’ve taken your diet too far?? If you’ve got a diet question for our experts, send us your story!

Are you ready to enjoy the outdoors, but hate your backyard?

If your outdoor oasis needs an update please send your submission – along with pictures.

Owen's Bucket List Challenge

Are you looking to add a little excitement to your life? Maybe check something off of your bucket list? Well, our outdoor expert Owen Reeves wants to take you on the ultimate adventure!

Have a gardening or yard question for Owen Reeves?

Summer is coming, and whether you’re looking for solutions to your gardening dilemmas or ideas for your next big yard project, get some advice from Marilyn’s Gardening Expert Owen Reeves.

Savings Checkup

Are you on track for your savings goals? Want to know how to speed up your investments? Whether you’re working toward your first house or planning for retirement, we want to hear from you.

Calling all small business owners!

Do you have a small business with big financial problems? Need some advice?

Trouble navigating the job market?

If you’re having trouble getting a job, keeping a job or moving up in your job, we want to hear from you.

Calling all would-be home owners!

We’re looking for first-time buyers who want to get on the property ladder, but don’t know where to start.

Looking for Mr. Right?

If you’re single, ready-to-mingle but need help finding that special someone, we want to hear from you!