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Wed 26 Fitness gear that will motivate you to take charge of your fitness
Thu 27 Andrew Pike reveals how to transform your blank living room

Be On The Show

Planning a reno?

Are you looking to transform a room but don’t know where to save and where to splurge?

Do you want to renovate your home but don’t know where to start?

Whether you need a 5 week, 5 month or 5 year plan – tell us why you need help and you could get real design advice on the show!

Ramsin to the Rescue!

Did you attempt to take on a renovation project yourself only to discover that your D-I-Y skills aren’t exactly up to par? If you’ve started a reno by yourself, but don’t know how to finish?

Need help cleaning or organizing?

Do you have an out-of-control kitchen, disastrous bedroom (or closet!), or messy basement? We want to help!

Is there a room in your home that needs a bit of an update?

If you’ve got a space that deserves fresh new spin on it’s current design scheme, let us know!

Know someone who could use a room refresh?

If you or someone you know would like a room makeover from one of our décor experts, we want to hear from you! Send us photos, videos and a reason why this space needs work!

Are You A Huge Fan Of The Marilyn Denis Show?

We want to see if you follow the advice of our amazing experts!

Do You Have An Unusual Home?

Whether it’s a barn, church, or even a lighthouse, we’re on the search for people who live in unusual spaces! If your home is unique, we want to hear about it!

Do you have a room in your home that just isn’t working?

Debbie Travis could have just the design advice that you’re looking for!

Tired of all the clutter?

If there’s a room in your home that needs some organization help, let us know!

Are you a Piler, or a Filer?

Is paperwork or clothing often in piles at your house? Do you have a secret junk drawer? Send us a photo and video of you and the clutter in question!

Does your current space leave you uninspired?

We want to remix your space and show you how to totally transform your room using what you already own!

Is Your Garage So Overrun With Clutter That You Can't Get Your Car Inside?

If you need help reclaiming your garage and kicking the clutter to the curb, let us know!

Do You Have A Reno Or Real Estate Question For Scott Mcgillivray?

Let us know and have your chance to get Scott’s expert advice on the show!

Does your home need some help from Holmes?

We want you to send us any home-related questions or dilemmas that you have, and your question could be answered by the one and only Mike Holmes!

Are you great at transforming second-hand decor items into new treasures?

We want to inspire Canadians across the country to repurpose and save money!

Do You Need Help Navigating The Real Estate Market?

If you’re interested in putting your current home on the market but aren’t sure where to start – or if you just need help with the tricky world of house-hunting – let us know!

Unfinished business!

Do you have an unfinished room renovation that has yet to be completed? We want to help finish what you started and make it a reno to remember!

Parenting Problems?

From discipline issues at home, to balancing schoolwork with social media, let us know your dilemma and we could give you the expert advice you need!

Does Your Child Excel At Fashion, Cooking, Decor, and More?

We want to put them in the spotlight with some of our experts! If your child has what it takes to show off their awesome abilities, let us know!

Have a question for Marilyn?

Here is your chance to ask! Post your question here and Marilyn may answer your question LIVE on the show!

Are you a mom with a budding business on the side?

Have you created a product that you think EVERYONE must have, but need the advice of our experts? Send us your story, and you could get advice from a panel of our business and financial experts!

Do You Need Help Fixing A Beauty Problem?

Whether it’s blotchy skin, thin lips, eyebrow dilemmas, or something else entirely – is there an area that needs some serious beauty solutions? We want to help!

Are You Trying To Keep Up With The Jones’?

If you and a neighbour are in need of a kids room makeover, let us know!

Do You Want To Try Spring's Hottest Hair And Makeup Trends?

If you want a fresh new statement look for spring, let us know!

Do You Make Common Cooking Mistakes?

We want to help you learn to cook, or improve the skills you have!

Attention all Mother-Daughter Cooking Duos!

Do you have a secret family recipe that’s so delicious it knocks the socks off of EVERYONE that tries it?

Hosting a special event, but have no idea what to serve your guest list?

What if you could get cooking advice from Chef Lynn Crawford?! Whether it’s an anniversary, milestone birthday, or something else entirely, let us know!

Do you have a specific question for our cooking experts?

Whether it's how to make your dishes quicker, healthier, or anything in between, we want to hear from you

Has your resolution to cook more this year gone totally stale already?

We want to help get you back in your kitchen in no time! If you want all the secrets, strategies, and solutions to get cooking, let us know!

Marilyn, make me over!

This is your chance to get the complete fashion, beauty & hair makeover of your dreams!

Do You Love Fashion Trends, But Have Trouble Wearing Them?

Send us your story and photos for your chance to get a makeover, and learn how to wear the fashions you love!

Do You Love The Idea Of Growing Your Own Organic Fruits and Veggies?

If you want to start growing your own produce but don't know where to start, let us know. You could get expert advice from Owen Reeves

Does Your Yard Need Some Expert Advice?

Send us your lawn questions for a chance to have them answered by Gardening Expert Owen Reeves

Does your house have a front porch that needs a refresh?

We want to amp up your curb appeal and make your outdoor space “Porch Perfect”! If you’ve got the space, we’ve got the solution – send us your story and photos!

Attention Parents of Teens!

With prom season coming up, we want to help them pull off the surprise of a lifetime! If they want help creating the ultimate PROMPOSAL for their partner, let us know!

Are You Engaged?

Is the big day sneaking up on you? We want to help transform your dream wedding into a reality!

Are you overwhelmed with the pressure of being the perfect parent?

Is trying to ‘do it all’ becoming just too much? Let us know and one of our experts will help give you the tools to find the right balance for you and your family.

Does your mom need help decoding the digital age?

Whether it’s an outdated television, faulty computer, no internet connection or more – we want to help!

Are You Constantly Arguing With Your Partner About Household Differences?

Send us your story for your chance to have Charles The Butler settle your dispute once and for all!

Coming Up

Wed 26 Fitness gear that will motivate you to take charge of your fitness
Thu 27 Andrew Pike reveals how to transform your blank living room