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Planning a reno?

Are you looking to transform a room but don’t know where to save and where to splurge?

Ramsin to the Rescue!

Did you attempt to take on a renovation project yourself only to discover that your D-I-Y skills aren’t exactly up to par? If you’ve started a reno by yourself, but don’t know how to finish?

Need help cleaning or organizing?

Do you have a messy or cluttered home office area, media console unit, mud room or entryway? We want to help!

Want to surprise your wife with a bedroom transformation?

Want to surprise your wife with a beautiful bedroom transformation for the most romantic day of the year? We want to hear from you!

Know someone who could use a room refresh?

If you or someone you know would like a room makeover from one of our décor experts, we want to hear from you! Send us photos, videos and a reason why this space needs work!

Need wardrobe advice for storage solutions in your bedroom?

Tell us about your current wardrobe struggle for your chance to get the expert solution!

Have a question for Marilyn?

Here is your chance to ask! Post your question here and Marilyn may answer your question LIVE on the show!

Are you a mom with a budding business on the side?

Have you created a product that you think EVERYONE must have, but need the advice of our experts? Send us your story, and you could get advice from a panel of our business and financial experts!

Everyone loves a good makeover – but how about a Makeunder?

Whether you’re using too much makeup, have a morning routine that’s taking up all of your time, or just want to be able to feel confident without all of the cosmetics – let us know!

Are you looking to cover up your grey hair or ditch the dye?

Looking to cover up your grey hair, but need expert advice on how to do it in style? Or are you ready to ditch the dye and embrace a chic new look?

Tired of Thinning Hair?

Do you have hair loss and simply don't know what to do? We want to help you!

Want to create a specific makeup look, but don’t know how?

Are you afraid to try the smoky eye, or bright lipstick? Send us your story and photo and you could get a makeup lesson from one of the beauty experts!

Do you want an award show worthy new hairstyle?

Feeling inspired by a specific celebrity’s hair, but not sure how to capture the winning look? We want to help you pull off a flawless hairstyle – no drama needed!

Marilyn, make me over!

This is your chance to get the complete fashion, beauty & hair makeover of your dreams!

Passport to a stunning new look !

Do you know a flight attendant or airport worker whose everyday fashion could use a refresher?

Most Deserving Family Makeover

Has your family had a rough year and truly deserve a makeover? The Marilyn Denis show is looking for parents and their teens to give them a head-to-toe makeover!

First comes love, then comes MAKEOVER!

We want to send you to couple's fashion therapy and give you both a head-to-toe new look!

Do you have a plant that is on its last legs or has died?

We're looking for someone with a not-quite-green thumb who needs some advice on plant care.

Owen's Bucket List Challenge

Are you looking to add a little excitement to your life? Maybe check something off of your bucket list? Well, our outdoor expert Owen Reeves wants to take you on the ultimate adventure!

Have a gardening or yard question for Owen Reeves?

Summer is coming, and whether you’re looking for solutions to your gardening dilemmas or ideas for your next big yard project, get some advice from Marilyn’s Gardening Expert Owen Reeves.

Want To Share Your Travel Hacks?

Do you have amazing travel hacks you want to share with our viewers?

Calling All Brides!

Are you taking a leap of faith and getting married again? Do you need help from “Say Yes to The Dress” star Randy Fenoli? We want to hear from you.

Are you looking for that special someone?

We’re looking for single men and women who need help in the dating department.

Calling All Single Men!

Tired of looking for love in all the wrong places? We want to help you fall head over heels and find The One.

Have you survived a major health scare?

Did you overcome an illness or disease that affected your health? Do you want to share your story and help others?

Does Your Family Need a Meal Makeover?

Tired of making the same fatty comfort food for dinner? Want to know how to make your meals leaner, but still delicious?

Did an episode of Marilyn save your life?

Did you ever watch an episode of Marilyn and say "WOW! that's so relatable" or "I always wondered about that"? Tell us your story.

Do you have a diet dilemma?

From what to order at restaurants, to the “diet don’ts” you think you’re making, and wondering if you’ve taken your diet too far?? If you’ve got a diet question for our experts, send us your story!

Savings Checkup

Are you on track for your savings goals? Want to know how to speed up your investments? Whether you’re working toward your first house or planning for retirement, we want to hear from you.

Calling all small business owners!

Do you have a small business with big financial problems? Need some advice?

Trouble navigating the job market?

If you’re having trouble getting a job, keeping a job or moving up in your job, we want to hear from you.

Calling all would-be home owners!

We’re looking for first-time buyers who want to get on the property ladder, but don’t know where to start.

Do you have a medical mystery story?

Did you recently have a medical mystery that was diagnosed and want to share your story?

The Weight Is Over

Whether you can’t shake the weight, or you’ve hit a plateau - we want to get your weight loss goals on track.

Calling All Handsome Heroes

We’re looking to shine a spotlight on single first responders. EMTs, firefighters, police officers and more.

From Home to Hired !

We’re on the hunt for stay-at-home moms who would like to get back into the workforce, but are afraid to take the leap.

Snoozing and Losing?

Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of your partner’s constant snoring? Or are you tired of counting sheep to the tune of your own late-night snoring?

Polish up those Retirement Plans!

Ever wonder if you and your partner are really on the same page when it comes to retirement?

Sleepless Nights?

Do you suffer with sleepless nights? We want to help.

Are your kids’ sleep problems turning your household upside-down?

We’re looking for a family struggling with sleep issues, ranging from baby woes to teenage troubles.