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Planning a reno?

Are you looking to transform a room but don’t know where to save and where to splurge?

Calling all NEW homeowners!

Have you recently moved and are new to the home maintenance game? Let one of our experts help you prepare for those inevitable repairs!

Ramsin to the Rescue!

Did you attempt to take on a renovation project yourself only to discover that your D-I-Y skills aren’t exactly up to par? If you’ve started a reno by yourself, but don’t know how to finish?

Need help cleaning or organizing?

Do you have an out-of-control kitchen, disastrous bedroom (or closet!), or messy basement? We want to help!

Is Your Dorm Room A Dud?

We want to set you up with the décor advice that will graduate your space to the next level!

Know someone who could use a room refresh?

If you or someone you know would like a room makeover from one of our décor experts, we want to hear from you! Send us photos, videos and a reason why this space needs work!

Need wardrobe advice for storage solutions in your bedroom?

Tell us about your current wardrobe struggle for your chance to get the expert solution!

Does your dramatic décor need a make-under?

Everyone wants a well-designed space, but do you have a room in your home that’s totally overboard?

Have a question for Marilyn?

Here is your chance to ask! Post your question here and Marilyn may answer your question LIVE on the show!

Are you a mom with a budding business on the side?

Have you created a product that you think EVERYONE must have, but need the advice of our experts? Send us your story, and you could get advice from a panel of our business and financial experts!

Want to create a specific makeup look, but don’t know how?

Are you afraid to try the smoky eye, or bright lipstick? Send us your story and photo and you could get a makeup lesson from one of the beauty experts!

Get Some Hair Help!

Are you unhappy with your hair?

Marilyn, make me over!

This is your chance to get the complete fashion, beauty & hair makeover of your dreams!

Summer To Fall Makeover!

If you want to make your favourite summer fashion work for fall, apply!

Gardening Guide

Have you always wanted to grow your own vegetables and herbs, but lack the green thumb to pull it off? Let us know!

Do you consider yourself to be “The Best of the BBQ”?

Prove it! We're looking for the biggest, boldest, best BBQ-ers out there to take part in our next BBQ Showdown!

Summer Outdoor Makeover

Owen Reeves wants to help you surprise a loved one with a fabulous outdoor event or wedding!

Does your outdoor space need a refreshed look?

Spring is around the corner, so if you’re looking forward to spending time outside but your space needs an update, we want to help!

Are You Engaged?

Is the big day sneaking up on you? We want to help transform your dream wedding into a reality!

The Weight Is Over

Whether you can’t shake the weight, or you’ve hit a plateau - we want to get your weight loss goals on track.