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Planning a reno?

Are you looking to transform a room but don’t know where to save and where to splurge?

Calling all NEW homeowners!

Have you recently moved and are new to the home maintenance game? Let one of our experts help you prepare for those inevitable repairs!

Ramsin to the Rescue!

Did you attempt to take on a renovation project yourself only to discover that your D-I-Y skills aren’t exactly up to par? If you’ve started a reno by yourself, but don’t know how to finish?

Need help cleaning or organizing?

Do you have an out-of-control kitchen, disastrous bedroom (or closet!), or messy basement? We want to help!

Albertans, Does Your Room Need Rejuvenation?

We want to help you transform your room!

Know someone who could use a room refresh?

If you or someone you know would like a room makeover from one of our décor experts, we want to hear from you! Send us photos, videos and a reason why this space needs work!

Are You A Huge Fan Of The Marilyn Denis Show?

We want to see if you follow the advice of our amazing experts!

Albertans - Are you looking for a Room or Style Makeover?

If you live in Alberta and need a room or style makeover, let us know!

Do You Have An Unusual Home?

We're on the search for people who live in unusual locations

Alberta Viewers: Does Your Closet Need A Clean?

If you or someone you know needs a closet makeover, apply!

Furniture Hand-Me-Downs Have You Feeling Hand-Me-Down-And-OUT?

If you’ve given up trying to incorporate stunning design with your second-hand décor pieces, we want to help!

Not Happy With A Recent Paint Job?

Ready to put your painting pains aside and give your space the colour treatment it deserves? Let us know!

Are You Moving Soon And Need Help Unpacking And Organizing Your New Space?

If you’ve recently moved, and are worried about unpacking and organizing your new space, we want to help you!

Does Your Home Need A Make-Under?

If you want your space to stop being so over-the-top or outdated, we want to help!

Have a question for Marilyn?

Here is your chance to ask! Post your question here and Marilyn may answer your question LIVE on the show!

Are you a mom with a budding business on the side?

Have you created a product that you think EVERYONE must have, but need the advice of our experts? Send us your story, and you could get advice from a panel of our business and financial experts!

Do You Want A New, Short, Do?

If you want to make a hair change, and cut it all off, let us know!

Are You Trying To Keep Up With The Jones’?

If you and a neighbour are in need of a kids room makeover, let us know!

Do You Make Common Cooking Mistakes?

We want to help you learn to cook, or improve the skills you have!

Does Your Favourite Meal Take Too Long To Make?

We want to know what meal you love to eat, but hate to make.

Marilyn, make me over!

This is your chance to get the complete fashion, beauty & hair makeover of your dreams!

Albertans, Do You Want More Likes For Your Look?

If you want to up your style, apply!

Are You Planning A Party?

We want to help you earn the title of “Host with the Most” by helping you throw the ultimate get-together!

Are You Engaged?

Is the big day sneaking up on you? We want to help transform your dream wedding into a reality!

Do You Have A Deserving Person In Your Life?

If you know someone whose deserving, whether they're a hero or going through a tough time, let us know!

Pull Off The Ultimate Surprise

Do you want to create the ultimate surprise for someone?

Do you and your roommate not always see eye to eye?

If you want help finding a solution from one of our experts tell us your story!

Do You Need Help Reaching Your Weight-Loss Goals?

Losing weight is a team effort, and our experts want to help you succeed. Send us your story!

How Do You Make A First Impression

If you think you make great first impressions, Kevin O'Leary wants to put you to the test

The Weight Is Over

Whether you can’t shake the weight, or you’ve hit a plateau - we want to get your weight loss goals on track.

Are Your Fears Holding You Back?

If you want help from one of our experts tell us your story!