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Innovative Hacks to Help You Conquer the Kitchen

Cool a drink quickly

 If you don’t have time or just plain forgot to cool beverages for your next dinner party, here is how to do it – in just two minutes!
  1. Get a large bowl and fill it with ice.
  2. Add salt and then insert your pop can. The salt will allow the temperature of the ice around the can to become colder and get your drink to the desired temperature faster. 

Measure honey without the mess 

Measuring honey can be real sticky business. You can’t get all the honey out of the measuring cup, so you grab a spoon only to realize it’s all stuck on the spoon.
To make things easier, spray your measuring cup with a bit of non-stick cooking spray, before measuring out. The honey will slip right out without any of the mess.

Keep celery and broccoli fresh 

Celery and broccoli can lose its freshness and crunch easily. To help it stay fresh and crisp for weeks, wrap it tightly in aluminum foil.

The trick to cutting an orange 

Peeling oranges can make your hands very sticky and can take time. But the "Wedge" method to peeling an orange will help you peel it quickly and easily. For oranges on the go (if you’re travelling with it as a snack or taking it to work), the “Cap” method is a perfect way to enjoy an orange anywhere.


Open a stuck jar lid 

It’s frustrating when a jar lid is hard to remove. Jar lids can be slippery, so wrap the lid with one thick rubber band and place another on the body of the jar. The rubber bands will give the edge more traction, making it easier to open.

Soften butter easily 

If you forget to pull out your butter the night before to soften and it’s too hard to butter your toast, the ButterUp knife has a grater-like component that shaves the butter down in order to soften it quickly so you can butter things easily
The ButterUp Knife, $12.50

Bake perfectly every time 

Baking is like a science and sometimes it’s hard to get it just right. But the Drop Kitchen Scale is like having your own baking helper. It helps you find recipes so easily and even measures out your ingredients in all measurements, which gets rid of the annoying task of converting.
Drop Kitchen Scale, $137.19 

Peel an avocado in no time 

There are lots of methods to peeling an avocado but Vijaya Selvaraju this may be the quickest and the most fun! All you need is a cup and your softened avocado. You cut the avocado in half and press it against the cup and scoop the entire inside out.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Coming Up

Mon 23 Cheesy comfort food & decadent chocolate dessert with Vanessa Gianfrancesco