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Small Space Solutions

Unique spaces are challenging, especially when they’re small. Home and design expert, Ramsin Khachi, shows us great solutions for those spaces.

FLOR Carpet Tiles


These modular tiles allow you to enjoy your design for a while and then reconfigure the tiles or add in a few new colours. Plus, they can be taken apart making them great for university dorms or vacation homes. The tiles are commercially graded so you can also use them for commercial installations like offices, work spaces, gyms, etc. The Simple Flor-dots (adhesives) are used to keep the pieces in place and to each other so you do not ruin your existing floors!
  • Ideal for hardwood, laminate, ceramic and linoleum; basically any hard surface
  • A concrete floor must be sealed first
  • Won’t work on top of carpet/broadloom as it is too soft and moves around preventing the dots from staying together
  • No under-padding is required
  • Easily washed with simple detergent

kinder GROUND


Kinder GROUND Modular rugs are available in three shapes: hexagons, triangles, and diamonds. The carpet fits together to form an infinite number of patterns and carpet configurations. Simply pick your shape, pattern and then place the carpet pieces together on the floor to form your desired configuration.

Kinder GROUND carpets are handmade, so while they fit together beautifully, you may need to turn the pieces to achieve the perfect fit.
  • Hand-tufted in Shanghai


  • Ingenious small ottoman provides seating for up to five individuals
  • Each side can be removed and attached to one of four bases that nest inside the ottoman structure
  • Each stool has a comfortably padded seat and is the perfect dining and desk height

Zahra Wardrobe

EQ3, www.eq3.com
  • Designed for small spaces and forward thinkers
  • Perfect for maximizing small spaces
  • Design the perfect storage piece, you can choose to hang bars, shelves, mirrors and a curtain to create the perfect storage solution, dressing table or office nook
  • Available in four colours
  • Customize it by adding a tray or hook from another collection

Goliath Table


This table transforms from a console table of 17” to a dining size table of 115”! Space saving table comes with five leaves to comfortably seat a dinner party of 10 individuals.

Stan the Goldfish Wall Art

CB2, www.cb2.com

Porcupine Wall Hanging

CB2, www.cb2.com

Paper Mache Wall Hanging

West Elm, www.westelm.com

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Fri 31 Innovative new charcoal beauty products