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Mon 29 Jamie Oliver’s one-pot wonder
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Kicking off our Mother’s Day celebrations is a viewer’s surprise backyard makeover. Stu nominated his wife, Jennifer, to make her dream backyard a reality. “I fell in love with her the first time we met”, says Stu about his spouse. The pair lives with their three children and wanted a backyard where the little ones could play safely. Stu said that “the kids love to play outside… unfortunately we don’t let them outside often”, because a few potential dangers.

There were a few problems with the family’s backyard that prevented them from fully enjoying the outdoors. The yard was overgrown with weeds but the grass was coming in patchy. There were a few hazards that prohibited the children from running around freely including uneven, bumpy ground where “the kids will often trip,” and a large sewer grate in one corner.

The team began the backyard cleanup by removing a large Manitoba Maple tree that was causing problems with the neighbor’s foundation. When removing a tree it is important to contact an arborist who can address any laws or liabilities. They can also offer help on how to do so safely and quickly.

The yard was groomed and properly sloped for effective drainage and to create an even surface for the kids to run around. Artificial turf was also installed which requires little maintenance and has a 20-year lifespan. Environmentally friendly pressure treated lumber was used for the family’s new shed and deck that looked like cedar but didn’t require staining.

To address the storm drain a cover and fence was built around it, which both hides and protects it from the kids.

Mom Jennifer was surprised and delighted by the new space. She is now able to entertain guests on her new deck, while the kids play, without worrying about their safety. “I couldn’t ask for a more perfect space for our family” said Jennifer.

Tips for getting your garden spring ready

Owen Reeves, Outdoor & Garden expert, stopped by to offer tips on how to get your garden ready for spring.

  • First evaluate what you have, then think back to what worked last year and what didn’t.
  • Use peat moss to help hold on to moisture, it will also enrich the soil with nutrients that plants and flowers need to flourish.
  • Composts can add additional nutrients to old soil beds. Look for ones made with seaweed and fish, and then incorporate it into the soil and peat moss with a spading fork.
  • Add a slow releasing fertilizer before planting; this is especially important for vegetables.
  • Lastly, add mulch. This helps keep moisture in the soil and provides protection from weeds.

Landscaping and artificial turf provided by:
Curb Appeal Landscaping Inc.

Deck, fence and shed constructed by:
Your Deck Company

Deck and fence wood supplied by:
MicroPro Sienna

Tree removal courtesy of:
Arborwood Tree Service

Concrete and disposal bin provided by:
Cotton Inc.

Flagstone supplied by:
St. Catharine’s Building Supplies

Additional plant material provided by:
Connon Nurseries

Monday, May 6, 2013

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Mon 29 Jamie Oliver’s one-pot wonder
Tue 30 Marilyn’s Big Little Experts!