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Spring Cleaning Products

Candice Batista features great new cleaning products for your home.
Rowenta Delta Force Extreme Lithium Stick 18V
www.rowentafloorcare.ca, $269.99

Canadian Retailers
: Across Canada: The Bay, Sears, Home Outfitters
  • 45 to 55 minutes of running time
  • Exceptional dust pick-up both on carpets and hard floors thanks to its exclusive cyclonic dust separation process
  • Ultra-slim Delta Head and Delta Vision LED Headlights, dust can’t hide under low furniture, tight corners – these sticks really stick it to dirt!
  • A perfect blend of thoughtful ergonomics and smart technology, a dream to handle    
Ever Bamboo – Shoe Deodorizer
www.everbamboo.com, $9.99

Canadian Retailers: Atmosphere/Sportchek, Solutions, Linen Chest
  • All natural bamboo charcoal, made from a sustainable bamboo
  • Absorbs odors instead of masking them (conventional spray)
  • Lasts up to 1 year, just recharge under sunlight monthly
  • After 1 year, spent charcoal can be mixed with soil for gardening as a great moisture regulator.
Easy Arranger
www.annabellenoel.com, $6-20

  • Bendable so it will fit a variety of vases; bend over the vase and make sure the arranger is stable and secure    
  • Re-usable - flatten when done and store until next use   
  • Makes changing the water easy - lift the grid off (flowers and all) and change water.  When you put it back on the vase the flowers will stay arranged
J.R. Watkins Aloe & Green Tea Window Cleaner
www.jrwatkins.com, $4.99

With an easy-to-use spray bottle and a natural formula that gently lifts away grime, dust and fingerprints this will be your new favourite cleaner. The aloe and green tea scent is clean and fresh to help brighten your home. Thanks to its coconut-based formula it won’t break down the bonds of plastic on window films and is ideal for cleaning your tinted windows.

Canadian Retailer: Target
See Jane Work Letter Tray

www.seejanework.com, $13.34

Stay organized in style with See Jane Work office products. These stackable letter trays are deep enough to store mail, or file folders and documents in one convenient place. It’s available in basic black, or spring colors like blue, green, and white to compliment any décor theme.
Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
http://www.crane-usa.com/, $64,99

Canadian Retailers: amazon.ca, Babies “R” Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, Clement, Centre du Rasoir, Home Depot (online only), Home Outfitters, Jean Coutu, Sears, Value Drug Mart, Walmart Pharmacy Quebec, well.ca
Breathe easy with this beautifully-designed humidifier that adds soothing moisture to dry air. The cool mist helps fight congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation and dry skin. The one-gallon tank runs up to 11 hours, and its quiet operation will hardly be noticed. With its sleek teardrop shape, this humidifier will look great with any home's decor.
Men in Kilts

Company started in Vancouver, BC in 2002
Offer Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Siding Cleaning, and Pressure Washing
Steamboy PRO T3
www.reliablecorporation.com, $120

  • Eco-friendly 3-in-1 steam and scrub mop, specially designed to simultaneously steam and scrub tile floors/grout (a common cleaning challenge for many home owners) as well as sanitize sealed floor surfaces and freshen carpets.
  • Tackle all the floors during the seasonal spruce up, without the use of toxic chemicals! The only ingredient required is water and the microfiber pads are washable, being a cost-efficient “green” cleaning alternative.
  • Great for parents with young children and/or pet owners as the vapor steam quickly yet efficiently kills 99.99% of common bacteria/germs as well as destroys dust mites and helps control allergies.


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Wed 25 Bell Let’s Talk Day
Thu 26 Christine Cushing makes shrimp dumplings, and 5-spice pork