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Storage Solutions for the Bathroom and Kitchen

Michael Penney
Twitter: @michaelpenneyHH

Pretty and practical ways to style and organize the hardest working rooms in your house - the kitchen and bath!


  • Use oversize glass canisters for all your must-have ingredients like sugar, flour etc.  Saves cupboard space and looks great on the counter
  • Use a tray to create a morning coffee station or contain your olive oil, seasonings and more.  One tray makes a bunch of messy items look pulled together and creates a substantial style statement rather than crowd of clutter.

  • Bring back the bread box!  A homey and nostalgic touch, bread boxes whether new or vintage take the hard edges off a bunch of kitchen cabinetry.  It's these charming, soulful items that help us organize and soften the look of our kitchen.
  • Add a touch of nature!  Display wooden cutting boards, cheese boards and some fresh produces to snack on.  No need to hide these items in the cabinets or fridge - something natural like a bowl full of fruit or a wooden board leaned up against the backsplash adds life and fresh appeal to the kitchen.


  • Forget the set!  When shopping for soap pumps, toothbrush holders and drinking glasses skip the matching combo and mix it up by buying individual pieces and mixing in something unique. 
  • Never run out of toilet roll by storing a large amount in an attractive basket, close at hand!  It’s a great way to add a natural element to the space and holds extra of the things we use most.
  • Keep essentials organized and at hand in style with clear glass canisters.  Cotton swabs make up pads and more look great in glass canisters.  Add to the spa-like feel with one larger jar filled with a natural sea sponge for even more panache.
  • Consider unfitted furniture. If your bathroom has the room, consider organizing AND adding style with unfitted piece of furniture like a vintage cabinet to hold your hair dryer, lotions and potions and more.   A slim chair- vintage or new- is a nice place to perch while polishing nails or helping young ones with a bath or stacking with fluffy towels for guests!

Products Featured on Today's Show:

Canisters - Penney & Company
Woven Tray - Penney & Company,
Teas/Coffees - Homesense,
Honey Pot - Penney & Company
New Breadbox - Penney & Company
Vintage Breadbox - Flea Market
Cutting Boards - Homesense
White Bowl - Penney & Company
Aqua Bowl - Homesense
Soaps, Water Glass, Vases, Soap Dish - Penney & Company
Baskets - Penney & Company
Canisters - Penney & Company
Chairs - Penney & Company
Towels & Mirror - Homesense


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Fri 24 Peter’s Fashion Academy! Peter Papapetrou schools two candidates on how to shop and style themselves