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“I have a window in the middle of my shower wall. I bought a shower curtain liner, and hung it like a curtain to try to deter moisture from the window sill, but the casing is really absorbing the water, and rotting out. The rod and clips also keep on rusting. What do we do”

Mike Holmes – Normally I have no issues with a shower window, except when it’s wood. Wood is an organic material and acts like a sponge absorbing waters which eventually causes rot and mould. Instead have the concrete or foam put in and tile overtop. Slightly angle the tile back towards the shower so that water flows back.
“We moved into a one-year old house in the summer of 2008. The following spring, we noticed a problem with our eaves troughs. Ice was building up in them, and when the ice melted, it ran down the side of the wall, destroying the stucco. We had the eaves troughs raised, and the stucco replaced, but the following year it happened again. This time we had ice jams on the roof, which melted into the interior wall of our basement.  We also have this problem in the summer when it rains. What do we do?”

MH: This is a big concern because the house is brand new. The eaves should be running towards drainage. You never want see the soffit run towards your house because it will run the melted water in against the house. Heat loss is a problem; too, invest in an infrared camera reading to see where you’re loosing heat. Check the stucco to make sure it’s been applied over foam. The foam will give it a thermal break and will bond much better with stucco.

“You can see sunlight along the right side, and top left corner of the front door when it is closed. Snow comes through those points in the winter, and there is a nasty draft. When it is really cold, the metal, striker plate gets frost on it. How can we fix this?”

MH: This is what happens when somebody replaces the original door with a new one, and nothing else. You need weather stripping around the edge of the door to keep the cold in and the heat out. Never just change the door, take out the frame as well when replacing.
A good door needs to be thermal with foam inside it, an insulated door is best.



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Monday, January 13, 2014

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Fri 31 Innovative new charcoal beauty products