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Question: I don’t want to spend a lot of money and I’m stuck with what to do for our main floor. What are some ways that I could help bridge the living room and dining room spaces? 
The easiest way to break a room up is with paint. Use a richer neutral and make a feature wall that will look beautiful and give you some drama against the other colours. Or pick wallpaper that features the current brown, but with a pattern or a vibrant colour that could work as a fun accent. 
Another way to set apart your living room is to add a storage unit for the television. This will give your living room some definition because you are emphasizing the family room elements within the larger space. You don’t need a huge built in, rather you can assemble something yourself! 
To define the dining room, try a large collage wall of artwork. Have fun with it; there can be a mishmash of all shapes, sizes and styles. This display will let you keep the openness of the space while making a dining room-focused statement. 
Question: We need some help with our family room. It’s very narrow and there is too much brown and beige! The main focal point is our large floor to ceiling fireplace. We’d like to reface or paint, but we’re not sure how to go about it. We have too little boys that play here, so nothing too precious. Any suggestions? 
If you’re up for resurfacing, try a great travertine marble! We’d like to see a textural, neutral marble in a large size and this would work best below the mantel. In this case, keep the lightness low to the floor. The dark, bulkiness above can be painted over with a light grey to lessen the impact of your large fireplace to the small room. This colour has been picked from the marble tile. It’s an excellent tactic and solution since it aligns with the current colour scheme but introduces something new. 
Question: My husband and I just bought a new house with a great room and I’m overwhelmed with how to decorate it. I want it to act as a playroom for my sons as well as a playroom for all of us. I’d also like to dedicate an area of the space to create library for my collection. Where should I go from here? 
An easy way to divide up area space is to add area carpets! These define the spaces and appear to add walls where there are no walls. Utilize bookcases that can accommodate both baskets to house your children’s toys and books to create your library getaway. Create a tight seating area around the fireplace and paint the fireplace a different colour to make things really stand out. If you want an item on hand that you don’t like to be seen at all times, like a treadmill, use a decorative screen as camouflage. For the space as a whole, create a centered seating area. The perimeter of the room is for adding your secondary spaces like a reading area, kid’s play area, exercise space, etc. From the beginning, try to stay organized and keep it clean! 

Thursday, January 31, 2013