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Ramsin Khachi shares some reno essentials that will give your kitchen the extra wow factor: 

Metalmorphosis Inc

Building an under-mounted sink into your laminate countertop is an amazing way to get the luxe feel of stone on a smaller budget. With a flush seam between the counter and sink, you can end up with a kitchen that is easier to clean than any other! 
Faucets have recently upped the ante. To add a bang of style, technology and functionality, incorporate an electronic faucet! You can operate the temperature and flow from a keypad. Many kitchen faucets are featuring pull-on sprays and we’re seeing tones and unique materials for the first time. Colour-coding is a beautiful way to synchronize your space in a unique and lasting way. 
With drawer organizers, the possibilities have grown leaps and bounds. Dead space, like a corner cabinet, can now be customized for the utmost functionality. You can capitalize on your space by creating drawers that give the illusion of being separate, when really they are a single, super corner drawer. Turn a problem area into one that is doubly effective. Adding moveable accessories within the drawers is another great way to personalize an area to accommodate your needs and to make things the most accessible. 
Glass is a popular option for backsplashes. If you want to maximize the function and fun, find a glass or glass tile that is magnetized. You and your family can post whatever you like! Your backsplash will easily transform from just something you see to a stunning organization tool. 

Monday, January 28, 2013