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For years, kitchens followed the same layout: a classic triangle, where your food storage, prep and cooking space form the three points of a triangle. This works if  all you do is cook, but modern kitchens are more diverse and multi-purpose. When planning your kitchen layout, start with the triangle and then think of the other zones of your kitchen:
Eating – where you eat and share food should be its own contained space
Prep – your recycling and garbage should be near by
Baking – leave enough counter space for rolling dough, arranging decorating tools
Coffee – gone are the days of having just one coffee maker on the counter. Leave room for espresso or other machines. But watch out for clutter. Some are designed as show pieces on their own. Others should be tucked away.
Homework/Office – you may want to consider space for a desk, laptop, home phone
Entertaining – an open space to mingle is vital if you want to incorporate an entertaining space in your kitchen

Luxe Appliance Studio
334 King Street East 
Toronto, ON M5A 1L3
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LUXE Appliance Studio is Toronto’s premier appliance showroom and cooking destination, featuring Thermador, Bosch and Gaggenau appliances in a 6000-square-foot space in Toronto’s King St E design district. With full audio/visual capabilities in its live kitchen, as well as separate prep area, and fully equipped boardroom, the Studio is also available as a venue for private and corporate events. To arrange for a tour, or for information on cooking classes or event rentals, please contact: Joeanne Demetriou at 1-888-966-5893 or luxestudio@bshg.com.

Monday, January 28, 2013