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Step 1
: Clean cabinets before prep. 
Product: Sico multi purpose cleaner "poly prep", $9.99, available at home improvement centres
Step 2: Sand cabinets using a 150 grit sand paper. 150 grit is a smoother sand paper as the sand grits are smaller. 

Step 3: Prime cabinets
Product: Sico All in one alkyd emulsion $24.99, available at home improvement centres
Step 4: Sand again. Primer seeps into the wood leaving it to be porous. Sanding allow to smooth everything out before painting.
Step 5: Paint two coats. Use a paint that has a durable finish like melamine. You want to use a microfiber paint roller to eliminate lint and dust getting in your paint. 
Product: Sico cabinet 'hybrid emulsion', $ 28.99, available at home improvement centres

Step 6: Add hardware
If you want to add moulding, simply following the previous steps, except before you prime your cabinets choose the moulding you like. Measure the moulding 11/2 inches to 2 inches from perimeter of cabinet. 

Using a miter saw, which can be rented at various home improvement centres, cut angles at 45 degrees. Then attach moulding to cabinet using wood glue or staple gun.
Once moulding is attached, fill in any holes with wood glue and caulk the sides. Then proceed to prime, sand and paint. 

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