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Home and design guru Ramsin Khachi reveals the latest and greatest products to help you take charge of the home.

Welcome Camera

  • This is from a French company called Netatmo, which develops consumer electronics for a better lifestyle
  • With facial recognition software, Netatmo’s Welcome not only alerts your smartphone to someone entering your home or cottage, but also tells you who they are
  • Through the companion app, users can personalize their notifications
  • When children return home from school, parents are informed with smart notifications
  • Welcome is a state-of-the-art home camera with full HD broadcast in vivid colours, an extensive 130-degree view angle 
  • Stunning images, 1080p full HD resolution, extra-large 2 micron pixels
  • Superior night vision due to outstanding light sensitivity and powerful infrared led
  • Easy to setup within minutes
  • Micro-SD card included
Available: Netatmo, Amazon and Best Buy Canada.
Retail price: $219

Weather Station

  • Personal weather station for smartphones, with air quality measurements to monitor and track your environment; includes both indoor and outdoor modules
  • The Netatmo Weather Station and its accessories offer a complete solution to observe the weather conditions. The Weather Station monitors indoor and outdoor environmental elements, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2 level and noise pollution
  • The information provided by the Weather Station pairs to users’ smartphones and empowers them to improve their indoor wellness and adapt their outdoor activities
  • Quantifies personal environments and wirelessly transmits data through WI-FI to an intuitive, easy-to-read interface
  • Users receive custom, real-time updates about their environment
Available: Netatmo, Amazon and Best Buy Canada
Retail price: $149


  • Skydrop is an award-winning, smart watering sprinkler controller that homeowners love
  • The controller is the most intelligent system on the market with intuitive technology that connects to the cloud to monitor real-time local weather data, often from a weather station in your own neighborhood
  • It’s like your own personal weatherman, keeping lawns green and healthy year-round, while conserving water and saving up to 50% on landscape water bills
  • Easy to install, replacing any existing sprinkler control. That’s right, every household with a sprinkler system can use the Skydrop controller

Smart Vent

  • The Keen Home Smart Vent reinvents home heating and cooling by giving homeowners room-by-room control over their HVAC system. Machine learning intelligence and smartphone controls give homeowners complete command over airflow
  • Machine learning intelligence and smartphone controls give homeowners complete command over airflow to specific rooms. Smart vents learn behavior and preferences to keep the temperature in your home consistent with your needs.
  • Also comes in a wooden finish

Air Purifier

The Airmega air purifier featured will be available in the spring
Very sleek smart air purifier, which reduces over 99% of particulates in the home
If you have allergies/asthma, you'll feel a difference overnight
It connects to your smartphone via the Airmega app and gives accurate, up-to-the second readings on air quality in your home
Uses sensors to optimize the filtration process, so it runs entirely on its own so you can enjoy clean air without worrying about it (or power efficiency)


  • Allows users to control, monitor and schedule electronic appliances throughout their home from wherever they are using the iDevices-connected app and SIRI voice commands
  • The iDevices outdoor switch is a rain-tight version of the switch with two power outlets
  • Control, monitor and schedule electronics on the exterior of your home, from wherever you are, using the free iDevices-connected app and SIRI voice commands 

MyQ Garage

  • The Chamberlain MyQ garage allows you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet
  • Opener connects directly to your home's WI-FI network and sets up in minutes using your smartphone. No additional hardware needed. 
  • Never locked out: Built-in battery allows for normal use even when the power is out.
  • Ultra quiet operation: Strong and durable steel-reinforced belt is quiet as a whisper
  • Ready for heavy use: Will provide quiet, long lasting durability even when used frequently
  • Works with HomeLink buttons built into most cars
Starting retail price: $240

Pop Up Tower

  • The Pop Up Tower from Bazuva features two charging ports and three power sockets
Retail price: $277

Nanoleaf Smarter Kit

  • Control your lights with your smartphone, even using your voice, with the Nanoleaf smarter kit. With a striking design, it features 2 Nanoleaf Smart Ivy bulbs and one Nanoleaf hub. You can create scenes and zones, name your bulbs for precise control, and receive software updates. It's home kit-enabled and compatible with other popular smart hubs.
  • Includes 2 Nanoleaf Smart Ivy bulbs and 1 Nanoleaf hub
  • Connected lighting system lets you control the lights using your voice
  • Create custom “scenes” and “zones” to instantly set the perfect mood
  • Individually name each bulb for even easier control
  • Add up to 50 bulbs
  • Compatible with other popular smart hubs
  • Extra long lifespan of up to 27 years means you don’t have to worry about frequent replacement
  • Supports software updates for additional functionality in the future

Nanoleaf Bloom

  • Enjoy the benefits of a dimmible bulb minus the hassle of installing a dimmer switch with this sleek led bulb
  • Nanoleaf’s patented technology translates signals from your regular on/off switch to the bulb’s dimming commands, allowing the bulb to work with your regular fixtures. The Nanoleaf Bloom can be as bright as a 75w incandescent (1200 lumens) and as dim as a night-light using only 0.5w of energy
  • You can even directly activate night mode (5% brightness) when only a little bit of light is needed
  • The ultra high energy efficiency bulb can save you more than $100 per year
  • With a self-reinforced, high-strength design, and a 27.5-year expected lifespan, it’s the last bulb you’ll buy for a while. Its conversation-starting shape makes it a superstar in any room
Retail price: $39.99

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