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Valentine's Day Bedroom Perfection

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to serve your loved one a decadent breakfast in bed. Make the room the perfect place to enjoy it with designer, Michael Penney’s tips.


  • Hang crepe paper garlands over farmed pictures and on the lamp shade
  • Wrap doily cut outs around chocolate bars or on a box containing her vintage broach or his favourite cuff links


Cute Cards
  1. Fold up heart-shaped cards with tickets for one kiss or one hug
  2. Make several heart shapes cut out of paper and layer on top of each other
  3. Take a carnival paper tickets (rolls for $2 at the dollar store) and write on them ONE KISS or ONE HUG
  4. Place the ticket in the center of the smallest heart
  5. Fold the hearts up into a little square and seal with a sticker
  6. Your sweetie gets to open up the layers to find a romantic ticket awaiting them!

Heart Felt
  • Spice up your PJs by cutting out felt hearts with a tiny slit in the center and slipping them over each button. Silly - yes, but very cute and romantic!
Rose Bouquet
  • Make roses even more romantic by arranging a lush grouping with other trendy greens and smaller blossoms.
Breakfast in Bed

Get the breakfast tray ready with a small bouquet, their favourite magazine, and heart shaped egg in toast or pancakes.

For the egg:
  1. Make toast and cut out the center with a heart-shaped cookie cutter
  2. Place the toast in your frying pan and crack an egg into the cutout
  3. The egg cooks as a heart and looks adorable with strawberries!  

Product Info:

All bedding, Sweet Violet, Whitby

Night Stands, Mercury Glass Lamps, Architectural Prints, Rug - Penney & Company, Whitby

Fresh Flowers, Vases - Pineapple Street Whitby

Pyjamas, Hudson's Bay

Felt, Doilies, Carnival Tickets, Crepe Paper Streamers for Garland, Chocolate Bars, Dollarama

Antique china, vintage jewelry, Cynthia Findlay Antiques Toronto

Zedbed Sky 4” queen sized pillow provided by:
  • www.zedbed.com
  • All products are made from scratch in Canada, using the finest quality components including soya based oil and finished with water, a process which is unique to Zedbed.
  • Sky 4” pillow is super comfortable and soft, with cradling comfort that acts like a bed for your head
  • Supportive for your neck which alleviates lower back discomfort
  • The high density hybrid ZX memory foam is created by and exclusive to Zedbed. The  ‘smart foam’ provides therapeutic support and comfort.
  • With ZX, the pillow returns to its original shape instantly after pressure is applied
  • ZX is hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant
  • Gel-crystal infused so the pillow stays cool throughout the night
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Retails at $119 each; Zedbed products are available at Sears and other Canadian retailers
Paint: Dulux, Rouge Red A0433

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Tue 23 Easy, distressing techniques to give your space a chic & relaxed vibe
Wed 24 The latest products to help keep you safe at home