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Aly Velji
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Love the Design
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Dining table

Aly's Tips for Creating 'Industrial Chic' in Your Home

  1. Industrial chic is all about mixing rustic elements mixed with more refined pieces. The mix adds character to space. Here I have taken this dining table made from reclaimed wood from LOVE THE DESIGN and paired with clear lucite chairs. This mix is not only fun and works great in small spaces.
  2. I always love some bling in my space, and this light fixture adds sparkle and some pretty to the space. Again, adding in that chic element to the space.
  3. Storage is key in a dining space, here we have taken this industrial style sideboard from URBAN BARN with this rivets and mirrored finish, it works perfectly with the table and really speaks to the industrial chic look with its mix of materials.
  4. Maps are a huge trend in design right now and really have an industrial feel and a vintage appeal. These are made custom from LOVE THE DESIGN and really help to add some character and soul.
  5. We have style the table with some dishes, greenery and kept it quite casual. The look is just that, very casual and kind of hap hazard. It is not forced in any way like a space that is strictly modern or traditional.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


A Candle Lit Dinner