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Glen's Tips on Styling your Bookshelves

Glen Peloso

Don’t think of them as BOOK shelves – think of them as SHELVES – where books are welcomed

  • Each shelf is going to tell a little story of who lives in the house
  • Make sure its a story you want to tell your guest and yourself
  • Half empty bottle of scotch and a taped up photo may not even make you feel good about you!

Use each shelf as an opportunity to create a vignette

  • Each shelf can have its own theme – which can be colour or texture, or event (sailing etc)
  • When you decide on the theme of that shelf you will have an easier time deciding what should go there

Deal with Line Balance and Scale

  • Create a combination of lines going either up and down or side to side – if you have a big something at one side perhaps it wants to be with something of equal impact or be balanced with something similarly large on the opposite side of the shelf –
  • Imagine the whole thing sits on a fulcrum – or scales of justice – would your display tip the scales too much to seem “off balance”?

Use books in different direction of Vertical and Horizontal

  • Books have visual interest based on colour or title on the spine or image on the cover
  • They can be stacked in different directions to create visual interest – and fill the space without “packing” the shelf

If you have book make sure they are good looking books – not a crap ol paper back that is over thumbed and has a title like (Passionate nights in Paris) and a picture of some animated shirtless guy and overly skinny women – you know the kind!

  • Display books that you love and use fairly regularly
  • When the books are “displayed” as they are (there not in your bedroom or in a box in the basement for later reference) they are displayed
  • Now they are not only filled with information – they are also accessories!

Boxes are great to create a shape and allow small storage – we are happier to look at one box than we are to look at 45 small things that differ

  • Not everything deserves to be displayed but may need to be accessible (scotch tape? Scissors?)
  • Boxes can gather and organize while simplifying the look of the shelf
  • The more “mess” we see in a place the less comfortable we are because we , as human animals, have to decided on our safety in a room – too much to see creates panic!

Think of texture – woven, shinny, matt, sculpture

  • Combinations of textures create visual interest:
  • Woven, glass, painted, carved, glossy, chrome, leather –etc

Group thing that are similar together so that they have a bigger impact than 3 individual items

If you have 4 small vases, if you spread them out they have little impact over all – group them together and they make a bigger statement – same as a march of 3 people vs a march of 300!

If you have backs to shelves, you can:

  • Paint them, wall paper, mirror, fabric all add visual interest

Size does matter! – tallest to shortest – think triangles or pyramids – a common shape in nature

Thursday, February 7, 2013


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Mon 29 Jamie Oliver’s one-pot wonder
Tue 30 Marilyn’s Big Little Experts!