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Declutter and Enjoy Your Small Space

Designer Jessica Waks shares stylish storage tips to help declutter your small space.

Stock up on trays and trinket boxes

  • It's so easy for things to accumulate on our most often used surfaces, like front hall consoles and coffee tables, but trays help organize our loose items into a single spot, which makes the space look and feel more organized.
  • A tray serves as a natural spot to corral the clutter. Whether used on top of servers or bar carts to hold bottles and glasses, or on an upholstered ottoman so you have a hard surface for a drink...they are very versatile!
  • Trinket boxes are also super handy because they hide small items away like keys, loose change and even TV remotes.

Try a mail sorter

  • Instead of letting mail accumulate in a messy pile, have a dedicated area for stashing or sorting your bills and correspondence.
  • There are some very stylish mail sorters available that you can put on your desk or workspace, or even leave on your table by the front door if you have the space.

Pick up a magazine rack

  • A great place to look for magazine racks are in vintage and consignment stores because they’re usually priced really well and add personality to a room.
  • You can also look for ottomans, coffee tables and side tables with a built-in shelf as these make great catchall spaces for magazines.

Canvas bins for toy storage

  • Canvas bins come such amazing prints and colours to complement your décor scheme that you don’t have to feel like you have to hide them in a corner.
  • The bins are great not just for the floor but also on tables, like for extra diapers and creams on the change table.
  • If you’re out of the baby and kid stage, you can use the bigger bins for extra cozy throws in your living room or small ones for other office supplies on your desk.

Invest in a decorative garment rack

  • Decorative racks let people have additional hanging space, especially in condos or in older homes.
  • These racks are also amazing for people who always have an issue with piles of clothes accumulating on the floor in their bedrooms.


Product List: 
High Gloss Square Mint Tray, $42.95
Balance Rose Gold Letter Holder, $13.95
Set of 2 Shagreen Round Trays, $1099.95
Café Magazine Rack, $595
Pehr Designs – Petit Pehr
Pom Pom Bin, $44
Pottery Barn Kids
Emily & Meritt Black & White Storage, $79
Jane Coat Rack Ladder with accessories, $414
Blow Up Magazine Rack, $165


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Coming Up

Mon 23 Cheesy comfort food & decadent chocolate dessert with Vanessa Gianfrancesco