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Sleep in the Spare Bed

A lot of us welcome overnight guests for the holidays – but not all of us have guest bedrooms! Designer, Michael Penney shares his solutions to creating a luxurious guest bed for your overnight guests.

Create a comfortable guest area while using an air mattress by going above and beyond on the other elements: 
Beautiful Sheets – choose something with a high thread count, but also consider taking the time to press and iron them. This is a no cost idea that makes your guests feel pampered.

Feather Bed - often skipped step when making any bed. It's an ultra-soft layer that your guests will sink into for sweet dreams.

Quality Duvet – look for a good all-purpose weight; neither too heavy nor too light. Quilting keeps the feathers from moving around and gives you good even coverage.

Pillows - lots of them! Try to place your air mattress against a wall so that guests can use pillows to prop themselves up like a headboard and read in bed if needed. Give them at least two pillows per person so they can recline comfortably when sitting up.

Lighting - be sure to have cozy calming lighting in the room. Since guests are on the floor and won't have a proper bedside lamp, consider providing a clip on reading light.

Scent - a scented candle on a nearby table is nice, but don't put candles on the floor near the bed. Instead, a good quality potpourri or a light linen spray on the bedding is your best bet. You can also place a lavender sachet between pillows (to be removed before bed time). A little goes a long way - pick one or two of these ideas at most. Don't forget fresh flowers are beautifully scented!

Layer Up - an extra cozy quilt or luxurious fur throw at the foot of the bed looks beautiful and adds warmth when needed.

Goodie Basket - consider making up a basket just for your guest with a bottle of water, some prepackaged snacks, mints and a best seller or two.  Or if you a TV in the space, some DVD's might be welcome too.

  • Aerobed provided by: Bed, Bath & Beyond - $359.99
  • Duvet, Mattress Pad, www.sears.ca
  • Duvet Cover and Shams, sheets, Quilt, lavender Sachet - Sweet Violet
  • Night Stand, Lamp, scented candle, faux fur throw, hot water bottle - Penney & Company
  • Fresh flowers, vase, chocolate-dipped gingerbread man, caramels - Pineapple Street
  • Book Light - Indigo
Michael Penney, owner of Pineapple Street, Sweet Violet and Penney & Company in Whitby Ontario, www.michaelpenneystyle.com

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Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce