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Question for Andrew Pike:

Should we remove the pony wall between our family room and kitchen eating area? What should we do with the flooring? We have hardwood and carpet throughout the main floor. Should we rip it out and replace it with a uniform hardwood throughout?

Absolutely get rid of the pony wall. It’s kind of awkward, and I think people keep them because they feel we should be decorating against walls, but you can create groupings.

The only issue with the flooring is that it’s a huge challenge to match old hardwood when replacing the carpet in the living area. You either need to pick a new hardwood that will go throughout the main floor; you can pick any colour you wanted. I’m not worried at all about it feeling like too much.

If you want to go with different flooring you have to keep in mind that your hardwood is three-quarters and engineering or laminate flooring is three-eights. So if you wanted to change the material of your flooring you have to start thinking about adding transition strips, which are available in a variety of different sizes or styles.

Or if you want to keep the carpet there are so many beautiful options that would look just as good.

Question for Amanda Forrest

I have dilemma about furniture placement in my living and family room. These rooms are connected by pocket doors but I don’t have even one wall to but furniture against in either space.

I recommend flipping the rooms around.  Put the piano in the room where the fireplace is, this room will now be called the music room. By flipping the rooms you will have more space in the family area, which gives you more options.  Remember when planning to decorate a space you must first define its purpose and functions, which will make furniture placement and decorating a lot easier.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Guide


Holiday Guide

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