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Mon 27 Tommy Smythe shares the classic partyware that’s making a comeback
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Tommy Smythe's Tips for Decorating a Small Space:

Tommy's Small Space Tips:
Living in a small apartment is really similar to living in a hotel room. It’s small and it has everything that you need. Surround yourself with things that remind you of the people you love and the places you’ve been.

Vertical Space and How to Max-out Square Footage
You have to think vertically. Use elements and tricks to bring the eye up towards the ceiling so you don’t feel as though everything is spread out. Don’t hang a chandelier to remind you that you have a low ceiling, but then use the artwork to draw the eye up.

Editing your Stuff
You have to edit! Downsize! What would you grab if the house was on fire? You can’t really take much more than that with you. Make a wish-list and learn to compromise - you can't have it all in a small space. Prioritize.

The sofa should be the same colour as the wall colour; it then disappears into the wall which makes all of your smaller elements like the artwork pop.

An étagère (shelf) is open all the way around on all four sides so the light passes through it so it doesn’t stop your eye in a small space the way a regular book shelf would. These are very versatile pieces of furniture; they work in bathrooms for towels and toiletries and kitchens for kitchen and glasses and of course the living room for books.

Multi-functional Furniture
Explore the idea of having furniture that is multi functional. It’s really important to me; I don’t necessarily want in small space metamorphic furniture things that change their shape like coffee tables that become dining tables. You can have a great little table big enough for dinner for three or four you have a couple stools there with no backs so they don’t stop your eye which is really important in a small space.

You can have repetition in a small space; black accents, mirrors above the bed, great buffalo clad cover lid, and the lamp that has the detail on the shade and the black space worked for me. Have some consistency in your details so if you’re doing accents make them all black and some contrast.

Paint Colour
One of the unusual things about this space is that i decided to paint it a color that is called ‘off black.’ it’s not quite black, it’s like a very, very dark charcoal grey. and what i like about it is that i spend most of my time in this room when it’s dark outside, so i have candles and i have great lighting. I was traveling a lot and in our climate and geographical region its dark during the winter at 4pm in the afternoon. i was getting up before the sun and coming home after it had gone down so I wanted a night time space and I was decorating my environment to the time of day that I was mostly living in. I wanted it to feel moody and different. Tommy used Farrow and Ball OFF-BLACK #57.

Convert a Kitchen into a Closet
I put in some hanging storage the upper cabinet, stored my t-shirts and sweaters in there.  I took out the stove and put in a bar fridge and all of the cabinetry was used for clothes storage. The cutlery drawer worked perfectly for socks and undies.

The smallest space Tommy Smythe has ever lived In was 184 Sq.ft.!!


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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coming Up

Mon 27 Tommy Smythe shares the classic partyware that’s making a comeback
Tue 28 Strange but delicious food pairings with Chef Rodney Bowers