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When designing a space it’s important to have elements that inspire you in Ramsin’s bathroom he has two that helped create this very clean and very modern space:
  1. The simple lines of the faucet he selected for the sink was the first inspiration for his bathroom. This element is carried throughout the room
  2. The second element that was an inspiration for this bathroom was the glass panels you find around the mirrors that Rasmin found during his travels

Elements that Created Ramsin’s Functional and Beautiful Bathroom

  • Lots of storage with drawers that line the bathroom counter and provide for easy access and hidden cabinetry behind the toilet
  • White carries throughout the bathroom with splashes of colours with added accessories (towels, flowers, etc..)
  • Countertop is quartz which gives you longevity, ease of maintenance and no staining
  • Glass tiles in the shower with simple chrome details. Everything is waterproof, right down to the floor to avoid maintenance issues in the future
  • Think about counter height, the standard is 30 inches, but if you are very tall think about raising the standard height.

Things to Think about when Desiging your Bathroom

  • In the shower area use material that has little grout lines to avoid mold and mildew build-up
  • Think about how you use your bathroom when designing it. If you never take baths and always take a shower invest in a shower that has everything you would need instead of doing the bath/shower combo
  • In-floor heating is the best investment you can make in the bathroom a great way to zone your heating and control moisture in a bathroom

Thursday, November 8, 2012