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Kasia’s Tips for bringing warmth into your home and beating the winter blues. 
The quickest and simplest way to warm up your space is through colour, injecting it on your walls, fabrics, flooring and accessories. I would highly advise painting your mouldings, trim, frames and inside of the door in a soft white colour. This will not only add a sigh of relief to the room but a sense of timeless elegance. When it comes to the wall colour its vital to know the type of light you will be receiving as it affects the colours you will be decorating with. Colours such a neutral greys/taupes and beiges are ideal as they would grow in the afternoon to evening.
Texture + Textiles = Cozy and Warm
Textiles warm up space immediately. I would suggest hanging 4 panels (2 on each side) to give the illusion of custom window treatments by getting the fullness but keeping in mind a modest budget. Hanging the window treatments from the top of the bulkhead will immediately give the room a grander sense of height. Secondly, a properly sized cozy area rug will add immediate warmth and happiness to your feet.  People will be drawn to that area, they will want to sit around that space and have their toes warm on the super soft rug. Adding furniture with warm fabric will not only bring a happy cozy feel but add interest to the space. The beige couch with its multi pillows has a warm and comfortable cotton fabric that is inviting and relaxing.
Accessories are key when injecting happiness to a space. Incorporate some fun accessories to your room that will brighten up your day such as playful pillows with bright fun graphics, lavish warm throws and cheerful cut flowers. Flowers and green foliage immediately inject life into any space and therefore will bring forth happiness.
Lighting is key when trying to create a happy, cozy and warm atmosphere. A mid sized chandelier would is ideal for the ceiling, it will add drama and character to the room. Paired with side lamps and some candles a warm and cozy feel will be achieved.
When it comes to a room layout, a poorly laid out room can have a negative effect on you. Every time you walk into the space something about the layout will stress you out and in result make you unhappy. When laying out a ‘happy room’ we can turn to Feng Shei and use some of the main principles:
  • Furniture should never be backed onto windows at it leaves the person sitting in the seat vulnerable and exposed. Furniture seating should be backed onto solid walls and angled to face the conversation area. Avoid too much empty space between the wall and the couch, which in this case we have done so. The new couch is directly up against the wall and the two side chairs are no longer backed onto the window.

Monday, January 21, 2013

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Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce