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DIY Terrariums

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January and February are dark cold months when we want to freshen up our homes and bring some life indoors.  House plants and indoor greenery are a great way to bring a spark to our decor and the perfect inspiration to hold on till spring.
Old school terrariums are having a big come back as we seek to connect with our inner green thumb and they're a simple easy project for the whole family.  They're basically a mini green house full of life and freshness for your home!

To build your own terrarium you'll need:
  • Glass container (even a jar or old fish bowl!)
  • Gravel or stones
  • Charcoal 
  • Potting Soil
  • Small plants (or cuttings from larger ones)
  1. Place shallow layer of gravel at the bottom of your glass bowl or jar
  2. Follow up with a layer of charcoal
  3. Add a layer of potting soil just deep enough to hold the root ball of your plants
  4. Plant small tropical plants in soil
Tip!  Try to group plants with similar light/moisture requirements together 
Tip!  Small plants or cuttings work well so that you have enough air to circulate and you can appreciate each plant without too much crowding.
Tip!  Look to plant tags or Google for watering /light requirements and follow directions
Other Indoor greenery for fighting the winter blahs

Bowl of succulents - succulents are rubbery, fleshy plants that store water in their leaves and usually don't need too much water.  Like cactus without the prickles!  Use a shallow earthy bowl and fill with gravel and soil like in terrarium.  Plant a family of succulents with different leaves, textures and colours in one big mass.  Use as centre piece on your dining table, console or kitchen counter.  Low maintenance and so elegant!

Artificial Topiaries, amaryllis, paperwhites.  First, topiaries -  they're a timeless decorator staple and their height helps break up boring rooms. Tall, elegant and skinny-stemmed examples are the best.  We'll be showing some great faux examples that you don't have to worry about killing.  Next, Amaryllis and paperwhites - they're elegant and easy to grow but not long lasting.  Artificial examples give you long lasting display and cut down on strong scent some people don't like.

Affordable floral DO and DON'T:  Cheap plastic flowers can look like cheap plastic flowers if you're not careful.  DO go for flowering branches such as forsythia or apple blossoms in an elegant vase.  Mass one type of branch together - don't mix - for most realistic, elegant effect.  DON'T go for crazy colours or cartoon-like blooms.  A giant purple daisy isn't fooling anyone.  DON'T mix artificial flowers - in most cases one single type of bloom is the best approach.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

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DIY Terrariums