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How to keep your house clean after the holiday season

Clare Kumar
Chief Organizer, Streamlife®

Part of a stress-less holiday is simplifying the post-holiday clean-up. The key is reducing your holiday décor clutter. Putting things away is probably the least favorite part of the holiday season. Don’t simply pack everything away. This is the time to be judicious about your decorative items and edit your collection.

• Set limits to your collection.  Use a number of shelves or storage bins to limit what you keep. If you bought something new this year, find the appropriate volume of things to let go of.  One in, one out, but here, size matters.
• Sentimental-yet-not-good-enough-to-display items – Your camera is your best friend. Group them on a holiday tray or table cloth and take a photo. Keep the photo and let go of the decorations. 
• Items that are damaged or broken detract – let them go.
• Label boxes so you can find a particular item easily.  ie. Lights, Tree Ornaments, Table Settings, Mantel Decorations 

Ornaments can be quite fragile, so just like fruit they can be individually wrapped, we can do the same to protect precious ornaments. The other thing I suggest is wrapping in tissue and storing inside some of the Holiday tins. Avoiding movement is the key to avoiding breakage.

DIY versions:
• Place ornaments in LCBO box with printed label
• Fruit/Starbucks coffee trays as ornament holders
• Egg containers
• Ornaments on dry cleaning hanger idea for unusually shaped or extra large ornaments

Tangled holiday lights don’t need to be a recurring frustration.  Reels help keep cords from tangling. You can actually use a hose reel too!

DIY versions: Wrap lights around a piece of cardboard and place in shoe box. Use an empty coffee can or plastic zipper bag (one strand of lights per can or bag)

Wreaths are larger than most storage bins so they need their own unique storage box. If left out they can attract dust or get crushed.


Trees are another big item to manage. Contain the sprawling artificial tree in a specific container.  Carry the now dry, needle shedding tree out of the house using this bag. No more finding pine needles in July! The box it comes with ‘dies’ after a while.

Rolls of wrap can be awkward to store. For regular gift bags - I recommend picking the sturdiest bag in each size and using it to hold like-sized bags.  Definitely don’t fold them to fit in otherwise they look used.  For Holiday bags, because there are fewer and they are used once a year, I store all bags in one large, sturdy holiday bag.  **TIP: use fabric boxes with hardwood floors. Use plastic with carpet.

You don’t need to have your holiday music and videos take up valuable real estate all year. Contain your collection in beautiful boxes which can be pulled into your main living space during the season.  You won’t mind having such decorative and functional storage pieces out on display. The same applies for your collection of holiday recipes, crafts and décor ideas.  A pretty magazine holder will hold the lot.

Canadian Tire

Christmas storage:
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Holiday Storage Holiday Decoration Storage Kit, 3-pc, $59.99
Christmas Light Spool Storage Bag, $19.99 
Gift Wrap Storage Tube, Product #151-2062-0 $19.99
Holiday Storage Ornament Storage Box $19.99
Holiday Storage Hanging Wreath Storage Bag, 24”, $19.99
Holiday Tree Storage, $19.99

Christmas decor:
Holiday Collection 6-1/2-ft Blue Spruce Tree, $149.99
NOMA Mini Indoor LED Christmas Lights, 35-ct, from $7.99
Debbie Travis Homespun Berries & Buttons Christmas Wreath, $29.99
Debbie Travis Homespun Red/Green Ball Ornament Set, $4.99 set of 6
Gold Ball Ornament Set, 6-Pk, $4.99
Debbie Travis Elegant Wrapping Paper, $2.99
Holiday Santa 4-Roll Paper/Foil Wrapping Paper, 40 x 300-in, $9.99
Ornament Hooks, from $1.49

Store-Stuff Holiday Storage Organizer, $7.49
Iris Wing-Lid Ornament Storage box $24.99
Sterilite Clear Wrap Box, $19.99
Jokari Gift Wrap Organizer, $29.99
Bigso boxes $9.99 – $14.99
Bigso magazine holder $9.99
Soft Touch Essentials Case $2.39
Iris Light Storage Box, $19.99
Iris Wreath Storage Box 18” $12.99
Holiday Tree Storage, $19.99

Lee Valley
Christmas Tree Bag, $18.99

Home Depot
Rubbermaid Clever Store Clear Tote $9.99

Monday, December 26, 2011

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