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When you are renovating your kitchen, what are some good points to make? 
A centre island is a kitchen game-changer. If you have the space for it, it adds a great element that makes entertaining easy since you can move freely around the space. Double the functionality by having a sink built into the island. Instead of running around your kitchen, you will have a work station that makes sense with everything on hand. 
Another amazing feature to add to your kitchen is a built-in pull-out garbage can. Place it beside or under your new island sink and you can easily dispose of your compost, recycling and garbage as you go about your kitchen business. 
What are the best appliances to bring in to your space? 
Gas and induction are very exciting for stovetops at the moment. Both are on or off systems that deliver exact temperatures. An induction stove uses a magnetic force system that takes your pot and creates a magnetic bond that heats the pan instead of heating the element. The element itself is cold when you take off the pan, which allows you to use the area as extra counterpace immediately after use. This option is very popular in commercial kitchens and for families. Think about who you are as a chef and take that into account when choosing your appliances! 
What would you suggest for flooring? 
Contrary to popular belief, wood is an excellent option for the kitchen. Wood is very forgiving and it is not hard on your knees or back after a long stand in the kitchen. When you drop something, it doesn’t necessarily break like it would with tile. Wood floors can last for ages! Take your lifestyle into account because materials like marble, and even wood to some degree, can be porous. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012