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Monday, July 25

Monday, July 25

Road Trippin!

Marilyn takes Peter Papapetrou on a road trip to Drumheller;

Marilyn & Tommy Smythe’s hilarious road trip to Chef Lynn Crawford’s cottage;

Owen Reeves takes Charles The Butler and Alexis Honce camping for the first time.

Tuesday, July 26

Tuesday, July 26

Dog Days of Summer!

Hot dogs three ways with Chef Rodney Bowers;

Barely there summer fashions with Peter Papapetrou;

Makeup with summer staying power;

how to protect your pets in summer;

Bobbette & Belle’s cool, sweet summer treats.

Wednesday, July 27

Wednesday, July 27

Star Power!

Marilyn sits down with Harry Connick Jr.Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Meghan Trainor, Eugene Levy, Molly Ringwald, and Emily VanCamp.

Thursday, July 28

Thursday, July 28

Tommy Smythe learns how to forage & cook his own food in the wild on Fogo Island.

Stylish & private new trends in backyard fencing with Ramsin Khachi;

Aly Velji styles one chair three ways;

Mid-summer updates for your décor!

Friday, July 29

Friday, July 29

Brave New Step Makeover!

Two women who achieved their personal goals get brand new looks from Peter Papapetrou;

How to style statement tops with Alexis Honce;

;The perfect pants for your body type;

how to break your bad skin habits.

*Guest lineup subject to change.

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