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Monday, August 4

Monday, August 4

How to Do Anything! Celebrity author, Daphne Oz, shares a low-calorie twist on a D.I.Y. take-out meal.

Charles the Butler reveals how to say “no” without offending.

Ramsin Khachi rescues one family’s DIY disaster.

How to style one dresser, three different ways.

Tuesday, August 5

Tuesday, August 5

Steep or cheap fashion looks, with stylist, Lilliana Vazquez.

Organization expert, Jill Pollack, transforms a laundry room live on location.

One-hour curb appeal, with Owen Reeves.

The secrets to extreme couponing.

Wednesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 6

Melissa Hershberg reveals simple food swaps to lose ten pounds.

How to improve your workout routine, with fitness expert, Samantha Montpetit-Huynh.

What your bodily functions say about you.

The three small pains that could be a big problem.

Thursday, August 7

Thursday, August 7

“Canadian Living’s”, Brett Walther, shares three different ways to incorporate colour.

Colour Code! The hottest colour combos for your home, with Jane Lockhart.

Kasia Waloszczyk, uses paint to make over one family’s space.

Actor, Eric Johnson.

Friday, August 8

Friday, August 8

Stylist, Gretta Monahan, gives three women sexy, swimwear makeovers.

Hot summer colour combinations, with Peter Papapetrou.

Summer skincare with beauty expert, Jill Dunn.

Four ways to wear your cocktail dress beyond the wedding with Alexis Honce.

*Guest lineup subject to change.

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