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Monday, May 30

Monday, May 30

Make-ahead dinner party pleasers with Chef Rodney Bowers;

dinner party etiquette with Charles The Butler;

how to set up an easy bar for spring & summer entertaining;

Andrew Pike makes over a patio perfect for entertaining.

Tuesday, May 31

Tuesday, May 31

Wedding DIYs transformed into summer party table décor;

Peter Papapetrou makes over 3 mother-of-the-brides in the perfect wedding attire to suit their occasion;

Randy Fenoli answers wedding etiquette questions

Wednesday, June 1

Wednesday, June 1

Joy Bauer shows simple swaps to make a healthy family meal;

When to purge or prepare your pantry staples;

Ashley Howe on the different levels of affairs & how to navigate them;

Marilyn challenges Mandy Ingber, to make her love yoga.

Thursday, June 2

Thursday, June 2

Jane Lockhart shows how to transform a blank bedroom with the latest trends;

Tommy Smythe shows what is shaping the future of design;

dining room DIY projects;

design risks that revitalize a room;

Chef Lynn Crawford gives a regular pasta dish gourmet flare

Friday, June 3

Friday, June 3

Alexis & Natalie faceoff to see who can find the best value summer fashion finds;

Alexis Honce shows the best shorts for your body type;

different ways to wear denim this summer with Natalie Sexton;

glowing skin comes from within.

*Guest lineup subject to change.

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