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Wednesday, September 17

Wednesday, September 17

A healthy mac ‘n cheese recipe.

Maximize your morning routine and stay alert all day.

Everyday first aid with Dr. Brett Belchetz.

Perfecting your posture.

The latest team eliminated on “The Amazing Race Canada”.

Thursday, September 18

Thursday, September 18

Trends vs. Fads: Designer, Andrew Pike reveals what’s trending in décor and what’s a fad.

Tommy Smythe shares how to get trendy without breaking the bank.

What’s hot in bathroom design with Ramsin Khachi.

Mexican food trends with Chef Lynn Crawford.

Friday, September 19

Friday, September 19

Two inspiring breast cancer survivors get head-to-toe makeovers with stylist, Peter Papapetrou.

Five-minute make-up makeovers.

*Guest lineup subject to change.

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