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Tuesday, October 25

Tuesday, October 25

Alexis Honce & Natalie Sexton faceoff to create three different looks in 30 seconds;

Jill Dunn shows how to create a 5-minute face;

Popular, online, time-saving cleaning hacks;

Pressure cooker basics with Christine Cushing

Therapist Ashely Howe helps Andrew Pike & Natalie Sexton face their fear of heights.

Wednesday, October 26

Wednesday, October 26

Two home chefs compete in the Great Pumpkin Cookoff with guest judges Chef Corbin Tomaszeski, MaterChef Canada’s Mary Berg, & Vijaya Selvaraju;

Not-so-scary health tests explained;

Debt by the decade;

Designated Survivor actress Maggie Q.

*Guest lineup subject to change.

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