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Monday, April 27

Monday, April 27

Curtis Stone ambushes an unsuspecting viewer.

Charles the Butler answers bathroom etiquette questions.

Surprising uses for bread.

Ramsin Khachi’s outdoor bench weekend project.

Boosting bathroom décor with Tara Ballantyne.

Tuesday, April 28

Tuesday, April 28

Ordinary to Extraordinary! Rodney Bowers’ favourite kitchen gadgets for every great cook.

How to improve bland chicken dinners.

White t-shirt and jeans three different ways.

Four dogs up for adoption get spring makeovers.

Wednesday, April 29

Wednesday, April 29

Natasha Turner reveals the diet and fitness mistakes that are aging you.

Abbey Sharp shares simple, low-calorie, snacks to take you from lunch to dinner.

A guide to aging gracefully for men.

Thursday, April 30

Thursday, April 30

Scott McGillivray co-hosts! How to make money off of your home.

The cost of living in various Canadian cities.

Andrew Pike shows quick fixes to get a luxurious bathroom.

Owen Reeves shares the latest in patio furniture; easy, cheese-stuffed appetizers.

Friday, May 1

Friday, May 1

Alexis Honce shares spring coat styling secrets.

How to rock a shirt dress.

Bringing your favourite winter looks into spring with Peter Papapetrou.

The hottest spring accessories.

One minute makeup makeovers.

*Guest lineup subject to change.

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