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Monday, August 1

Monday, August 1

Party Time!

Make-ahead dinner party pleasers with Chef Rodney Bowers;

Dinner party etiquette with Charles The Butler;

Easy bar setup for spring & summer parties;

Andrew Pike makes over a patio for entertaining.

Tuesday, August 2

Tuesday, August 2

Shop Your Life!

How to host a successful clothing swap with Gretta Monahan;

Hacks to keep food fresh longer in your fridge;

Michael Penney shows simple projects for leftover paint;

Tips for buying & selling online.

Wednesday, August 3

Wednesday, August 3

It's Marilyn's Ultimate Baby Shower!;

Natalie Sexton gives two expecting moms an audience ambush makeover;

Baby shower gift guide with Amber MacArthur;

Gender cake reveals with baker Allyson Bobbitt;

A nursery makeover;

Furniture that grows with baby.

Thursday, August 4

Thursday, August 4

Save My Space!;

Debbie Travis transforms a backyard patio into a family oasis;

Jane Lockhart gives one couple a stunning family room makeover;

Ramsin Khachi updates a family’s living room with a $500 budget.

Friday, August 5

Friday, August 5

Summer Fashion!

Peter Papapetrou shows how everyone can wear shorts, and highlights the best shorts for your body type;

Different ways to wear denim this summer with Natalie Sexton;

The latest summer dress styles;

Summer favourites styled for fall on a budget.

*Guest lineup subject to change.

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