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Tuesday, October 21

Tuesday, October 21

Marilyn 911! Charles the Butler remedies everyday household emergencies.

Amber MacArthur solves tech mishaps.

Halloween costume crisis saves.

Quick fixes for kitchen emergencies.

From “The Millers”, award winning actor, Beau Bridges.

Wednesday, October 22

Wednesday, October 22

The Power of Five! Naturopath, Mubina Jiwa, shows how you can improve your health in five minutes, five days, and five years.

Five ingredients meals with Miranda Malisani.

Taking five years off of your face.

How to cook fast, healthy meals in five minutes.

A five minute workout.

Thursday, October 23

Thursday, October 23

Amanda’s First Flip! Designer, Amanda Forrest, invests in her very first “flip house” .

Plus, she covers the basics of how to flip a house from renos to staging.

Friday, October 24

Friday, October 24

Marilyn’s Mega Makeovers! Nine different women receive brand new looks in less than one hour, including a skydiving ambush makeover with Peter Papapetrou, and, an amazing birthday makeover surprise!

*Guest lineup subject to change.

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